Crown Princess Mary in Hospital

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ysbel said:
How cute! isn't saying much other than a baby is on the way and an update will be about 8:30 am.

Tronens arvtager på vej

Født eller ikke født. Rygtestrømmen løber, og fredag nat ved ingen reelt, om tronarvingen er kommet til verden eller ej.

Forlydender ved Rigshospitalet ville dog vide fredag aften, at tronarvingen allerede er født - men dette er ikke bekræftet. følger sagen tæt. Næste opdatering senest lørdag kl. 08.30

What time is it now in Denmark?
Gabriella said:
What time is it now in Denmark?

About 2.30 am. So far there are no news from the Danish channel TV2's website. There was an update about an hour ago, but it said the same as it did in the beginning.
Don't you all think that if the baby is born in the middle of the night they will wait until morning to make the announcement?
On the couple's website it says Det blev en Prins, under October 15. Does this mean it's a baby prince????
The Crown Princess Mary board are saying it's a prince.
I've been looking for a translator website. I was looking at this web site & there is this article (just part of it)...

Kronprinsesse Mary har endnu ikke besluttet, hvor meget hun vil deltage i, når det norske kongepar samt kronprins Haakon i begyndelsen af november kommer på festbesøg i Danmark. Det bliver det første officielle arrangement, Mary er med til efter fødslen, men meget afhænger af, hvordan hun har det til den tid, før hun og Frederik sammen vil afgøre, hvad Mary magter.
Thats just part of it...what does it say.
From this site:
A Prince is born</B>
A Prince is born</B>

Issued Saturday October 15, 2005

On Saturday 15th October 2005 at 01.57 a.m. Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary gave birth to a healthy son at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen (Copenhagen University Hospital).

Weight: 3500 grs., length: 51 cm.

Mother and baby are doing fine.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik was present at Rigshospitalet all the time.

P. Thornit
Chief of the Court of
TRH The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark

Finally, a future king to go with all the future queens.
Awww that is so awesome (so knew it was a boy ;) )

3500 grs anyone know how big that is ?

Have they started with the bonfires yet ?
Boy...they sure had most of us fooled with changing the succession law and firing the canons for whether it was to be a boy or girl!!! I think based on this...everyone thought that Mary was having a girl!!!!
Whats sucha wonderful news!!!!!!!Congrats to Mary, Frederik and the Danish royal family, i wish all the best for the mother and the baby.
Whoo!! Pop open the champagne!!

Congratulations to the couple, the royal family, and the Danish!
Congratulations! I was kind of hoping for a girl, myself, but what wonderful news! :D
I, for one, really hope that they break with that naming tradition in Denmark and name him something other than Christian.
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