Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 9: March 2008 - September 2010

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Don't they usually name a date that is after the actual due date as not to start speculations if the baby is a few days overdue?

IIRC Mary didn't have a large belly with Christian and Isabella either :)
I believe too that they announced later date to avoid any pressure...

And yes, Mary seems to be this lucky lady who just have little belly during pregnancies:)
Thanks for the links.
This looks like it would have a very interesting visit.
How would Mary have arrived on Bornholm?
An interesting article from Bornholms Tidende » Kronprinsesse p besg:: Mary med livvagt

Mary med livvagt - Mary with bodyguard.
Written by Dan Qvitzau.

Due to the hightened state of alert after the bomb incident in Copenhagen Friday, the security around Mary was tightned a bit.

Mary arrived by plane right after noon and left a couple of hours later. With her was a chauffeur, her LiW and the anonymous gentlemen from PET.
The police on Bornholm had increased their presence as well as mobillized members of the Police Home Guard, to keep order.

At the ceramics museum there were 200 invited guests and about 40 onlookers to greet Mary.

I don't know how big Rø is, a village size I guess. There are about 40-50.000 people living on Bornholm in total.

- It is still unclear what the man, who was arrested after the explosion wanted. He is still to be identified. It points however to that he was preparing a letter bomb, possibly for the news paper Jyllands Posten, as a repsonse to the Muhammed cartoons.
(You can read more on the major networks).

Denmark has been in a constant state of heightned alert since 2003. Members of the DRF are not considered primary targets for terrorists. Their aim is considered to cause as much destruction and civillian casualties as possible. In that respect the DRF are more like targets of opportunity.
However, from time to time, the security is tightned. In this case the local police decided to increase their presence.
Thanks for posting the articles and photos. Enjoyed them!
Marika86;1[URL="" said:
illed-Bladet - Bornholmerne ville se Marys mave[/URL]
YouTube - Mosh Speech Fail

I love Mary -- but I get the feeling that she did not read through the speech beforehand. :confused: She looks great, though. She is glowing!
Mary can often rely a on her speech notes, but she maintains eye contact and as was clearly displayed in the video, delivers it with enthusiasm and good humour.

And there were a lot of large words in that speech so I think it natural that she should wish to reference often.

I've noticed that when the Crown Princess is handing out awards, she gets this cheeky "and now for the prizes" smirk on her face. Cute!

She's very expressive and her voice is one of the loveliest I've ever heard.
I rather think that Mary was handed her speech just before she went onstage, so she did a good job considering it was written for her and she had little time to practice. But her charming self shone through despite the stumbles, and it was nice to hear her pleasant voice.
She has a very pleasant voice. But why was the speech in English and not Danish?
She has a very pleasant voice. But why was the speech in English and not Danish?

I wondered this too, but after listening to her speech about the worldwide award and artists, I thought it was because not all of the audience or prize recipients were Danish...So English being the universal language, I guess this is why it was used...
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #37, 2010.
Frederik er en fantastisk støtte - Frederik is a fantastic support.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

Bornholm is known for granite, smoked herring, oddly shaped churches, glass, sunshine and pottery. They also have an gallery, Bornholms Kunstmuseum. And this is where Mary was to launch this years creamics bienale, the focus this year being on pottery, next year it will be glass and so it changes from year to year.

The weather was great when Mary flew in and she went straight to the museum where guests, onlookers and Home Guard was waiting for her. Here she was recieved by the flowergirl, Siw, who turned seven on this very day. Siw was delighted, not only did she meet Mary, she had been given a birthday present. A waffle iron. (*) The very diplomatic Siw told our reporter: "I've never tried to make waffles before, but now I'll try it", the highlight of the day was however meeting Mary. Who said to our Siw: "Is it your birthday today? A big congratulation".

Well inside the museum Mary chatted away with the artists who were exhibiting various pieces of art. (**) Mary confided to us: "We've got a good deal of ceramics/pottery at home as well".
In fact more than 30 countries are represented at this biennale, including eight ceramics artists who will be working for six weeks on Bornholm. One of them being a Tasmanian, Peter Bettaglene.
Two artists, a Dane and a Spaniard each reicieved a prize for 10.000 € for having an outstanding talent.
Mary said in her speech: "It's been four years since I was last here on this dramatic and exceptionally beautiful island. - I'm confident that nature will serve as a big source of inspiration for the many ceramics artists who are here now. - Ceramics/pottery is no longer just for practical purposes. It's exiting to see how it can be shaped in so many different ways".

As the attentive among you may have notice, Mary is pregnant and she was naturally not allowed to leave the island without answering a few questions about her pregnancy.

Q: It it different to be expecting twins rather than being pregnant with a single child?
Mary: "It hasn't been different so far. But perhaps that'll change".

Mary: "Frederik is really good at helping me during the pregnancy. He's a fantastic support for me".

Q: When will you start to cut down (on her workload) prior to the birth?
Mary: "Cut down? There is no date on that as yet. I'll do that sort of step by step".

Another reporter, Liz Rørsig cornered Frederik in Roskilde and he said: "I think Mary is handling the pregnancy well. We help and supprt each other because it is after all different this time".

(*) Yes, A waffle iron. Just what any seven year old girl wish for. Just as any wife wish for a socket wrench for her birthday....

(**) On item in particular looked to me like six or seven piggy banks performing synchronous swimming on their backs. I'm not kidding!
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