Crown Princess Mary, Current Events Part 13: August 2016 - May 2018

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #13, 2018.
Written by our woman on the island of Bornholm, Marianne Singer.(..)

Muhler! Mange tak for this fascinating story about Bornholm and Hammershus! Who knew that the 13th century was so exciting in northern Europe? I am very curious about this period and will certainly look for more information, but wonder how these stories were preserved? Is there a Danish version of the Bayeux Tapestry or a foundational written text? All and any information is welcome:flowers:
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Muhler! Mange tak for this fascinating story about Bornholm and Hammershus! Who knew that the 13th century was so exciting in northern Europe? I am very curious about this period and will certainly look for more information, but wonder how these stories were preserved? Is there a Danish version of the Bayeux Tapestry or a foundational written text? All and any information is welcome:flowers:

You are welcome. ?
The 1200's in particular was an extremely exciting century in especially Danish history.
It was the century when DK became truly Christian.
It was during the 1200's that hundreds of churches were build in DK - along pretty much the same template. Which makes it so easy to roughly date Danish churches.
It was in this period that the Danish kings undisputedly won control of the country and started to establish a more permanent administration of the country.
During the 1200's DK (And Norway and also Sweden) was able to free itself from the economic dominance of the Hanseatic league. - You can buy armies with money, but you can't buy loyalty.
It was during the 1200's that Denmark truly joined the Christian European countries on equal footing and that established the future wealth of DK. It was based on herring. There were enormous amounts of herring in Danish controlled waters, which were salted and exported to all the other Catholic countries as food during lent.
During the 1200's DK established itself as the dominant Baltic power, including conquering the very wealthy island of Gotland and sacking it to the bone.
That Gotland was sacked meant that modern Sweden suddenly found much more room to maneuver. Otherwise Sweden might have been a province of Gotland, not the other way around.
It was during the 1200's that a genuine Swedish national feeling was established, including their own nobility, who did not want to be dominated by Denmark! Starting some 600 years of war between DK and Sweden, with Norway caught in the middle. It started slowly mind you, if was only during the 1500's these wars became an established pastime. One war per generation until 1720, with the last one being fought in 1814. - Thus we have the world-record in numbers of wars fought between two countries.
It was in 1286 that the last Danish king was assassinated. We still quite don't know who was behind it, but it backfired so much that none have been murdered since. - It is one of the best murder mysteries in Danish history!
It was in 1282 that the Danish copy of Magna Carta was written and that became the basis of our Constitution, to this day.
In 1219 Dannebrog fell from the sky, giving first the king (they were the only ones allowed to use it) then our ships and armies and in the mid 1800's the people a very strong deep-rooted national symbol.

And that's just Denmark!

For those interested in economy, the confederate Hanseatic League is a must to study!
It was during the 1200's the Teutonic orders established themselves in what is now Prussia/Poland and also mainly Lithuania. The core of their army consisted of what we today may call religious fanatics, who did not get paid, got no land, no castles, had no families. - No wonder the order got rich!
Their magnificent brick castles are very much worth a visit! Especially Marienburg, their HQ. If you ever visit Poland, go there! You won't regret it.
When you have studied the Teutonic order, jump over the fence to the other side to the today little known Baltic cultures. They were pagan cultures but almost as advanced as the rest of Europe - and they learned fast!
It was in 1241 the Mongols came! - Brushing aside the Baltic defenses and destroying the Teutonic army at Liegnitz. - And at almost the exact same time a central European army at Budapest.
Had the Great Khan not died in 1242, Europe would have fallen, certainly as far as the Rhine, probably as far as the Channel and the Pyrenees.
Italy, which was fragmented into city-states, would likely have fallen as well. - No papacy in Rome. No universities at Paris or Padua. There would not have been a Holy-Roman empire. No German League. No Burgundy. No Jeanne de Arc. No Habsburgs. No European Renaissance. No Protestantism. No pope in Avignon. - Imagine that...

I cannot help mentioning the assassination of Count Gerhard III of Holstein in 1340.
That was a medieval special forces operation that saved Denmark as a nation, and a very dramatic story!
We don't know quite who was behind that operation, but it was executed in a way that would earn the respect of modern special forces!

- So there is a lot to study!
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Mary will present the award at the Danish Rainbow Award, which takes place the 25th April.

At the same time Danish Rainbow Award will celebrate it's tenth anniversary.

As you can guess the award is presented to those who work for LGBT rights.
It will be the first time a DRF member takes part in something like that.

Mary is not a DRF pioneer however, in the respect. That is QMII who years ago invited a minister's spouse to an official dinner. The minister was as such officially "outed" that way. Because the press knew perfectly well that the minister was gay and living with another man, but didn't write about since it was a private matter.
That was before registered partnerships let alone same sex marriages were legal here in DK.

There were written a few lines about it, but AFAIR no one battered an eye lid. The minister didn't mind being accidentally "outed" that way, after all it was a pretty big stamp of approval!
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #15, 2018.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Mary recently went to the OECD Global Forum on Development in Paris.
The forum took place at Chateau de la Muette, and Mary started the day with a meeting with the general secretary for OECD, Angel Gurria, before giving a speech, really on behalf of Denmark and the Danish government where she said:
"For way too long decisions have made and political strategies been formed without involving women and the young. We know that the most efficient methods to kick start the economic development is to reduce poverty and create sustainable societies all over the world is by strengthening the opportunities for women and girls."

In fact Mary arrived the day before and attended a dinner with the Danish ambassador to OECD, Klavs A. Holm. - Presumably to discuss the final details and get a little insider briefing.

- It is as you hardly the first time Mary is giving a speech in a major international forum. It is very clear to me that various Danish governments are very pleased with Mary and not least her skill in delivering speeches, (especially in English) and she has a higher international profile than practically any minister. Apart from that Mary has been around much longer than any Danish leading politician within these subjects, so her contacts and network are very valuable.
As since we have a Crown Princess with a clear talent, why not use it?

Anyway, here is this weeks BB for your viewing pleasure:
BB # 15, 2018
Mary hands out the honorary award at Danish Rainbow Awards - AXGIL. =

Every year, Rainbow Business Denmark praises the people, organizations and companies that contribute to creating better living conditions for LGBT people or who contribute to creating life and content in Denmark's LGBT environment.

And two more galleries from last night

PPE Agency

Early yesterday morning, Crown Princess Mary attends at a ceremony at Kastellet in Copenhagen on the occasion of Anzac Day 2018.
At the ceremony, the attendants of the Australians and New Zealanders who lost their lives during World War I were reminded.

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That's a nice touch.

I don't recall ANZAC Day being remembered here in DK until very recently and certainly not before Mary became CP.
After all DK, as a country, was not involved in WWI.

I wonder if the court has had a hand with this? I should imagine Mary would like to commemorate a day that has significant meaning for her.
And from a Danish view point there is absolutely no harm in honoring our allies. New Zealand, Australia, Britain, France and Turkey as well, being our current allies.
And since there are a considerable number of people from these countries living here in DK, I hope and believe they appreciate it as well.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #17, 2018.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Recently Mary opened the Miniverse at the Experimentarium in Copenhagen. This is DK's first active science universe aimed specifically at children in the kindergarten age.
That means the children play their way through various natural-science fields. One of them being basically the life and trials of a mole. In order to fit in Mary donned a vest with digging feet, just like a real mole, and she along with some children moved around in the borrows and tried to avoid being eaten by the fox.

The manager for the Experimentarium, Kim Gladstone Herlev, said: "Small children are born scientists. Each new day they go exploring and learn something new by playing. In the Miniverse they can experiment their way to new experiences through play which are natural to them."

At the molehill where Mary played the children learn about the foodchain and who is at the bottom...

When Mary left she spoke for a while to a number of children from a school with pupils who have multiple handicaps.

(You can find the scans in the Roskilde Cathedral thread)

Follow up on ANZAC Day here in DK yesterday.

It was a dawn service, taking place at 05.30 at the memorial for fallen Allied soldiers at Kastellet in Copenhagen.
You can see the schedule here: ANZAC Day 2018

- (From memory) The landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli (as well as British and French troops) took place on this day at dawn in 1915.
Due to various mix ups, poor communication, lack of clear orders, troops being off loaded at the wrong beach, the allied troops did not move forward or did not move forward fast enough before ad hoc Turkish units managed to move in and set up temporary defensive positions, effectively stopping the Gallipoli campaign in its tracks.
After months of terrible suffering and horrific casualties the Allied forces were extracted from Gallipoli in late 1915.
The Gallipoli campaign came about as a result of Turkey joining the Axis coalition, as such much needed French and British supplies to Russia could no longer be shipped through the Dardanelles, the strait that connects the Mediterranean with the Black Sea.
Initially a combined French and British fleet attempted to blast their way through the Dardanelles, but mines and fire from Turkish forts resulted in the loss of several battleships.
Instead it was decided to land troops and take the forts from land and from behind. Hence the landings at Gallipoli.
That failed, but no one can point a finger at the soldiers on both sides who suffered atrocious conditions - insufferable heat, rampant disease, lack of adequate water, a true plague of flies and of course the fighting, including constant shelling and sniping.

Mary also honored ANZAC Day in 2015, also at Kastellet:
Being the 100th anniversary of the landing, this took place later in the day and was a much lager event than this year.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #18, 2018.
Written by Marianne Singer.

Recently Mary attended the tenth anniversary of the Danish Rainbow Awards show in Copenhagen.
While the DRF for many years has shown acceptance and support for the LGBT community, this was the first time a DRF member attended this show.

Here Mary presented the award to LGBT Denmark.

It was to put it mildly a flashy show! When Mary was labelled "The most beautiful crown jewel of the DRF", by the hosts, to loud cheers from the audience, Mary retorted when she began her speech: "Just a little thing: I think I've met someone with a larger wardrobe than mine!" - Directed at one of the hosts, drag queen Tinus.

In her speech Mary said: "We must stand united in order to refuse all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. and build up a world, where all are accepted an recognized for who they are and where all can participate fully in the community on equal terms."
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Article on Mary's trip to Seattle
UW welcomes Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary | UW News

Today she is at the University of Washington speaking on empowerment of women and economic limitations.
And it looks like the Danish Guards are with her

Yes, there are sometimes perks being a conscript. ?

These two are signalmen, a fifer and a drummer. And they are conscripts and not a part of the Royal Lifeguard Regeiment's Music Corps, who are professional musicians employed by the Ministry of Defense.
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PET is with Mary as well.

I recognize the stern looking female officer walking to the right of Mary. - I have a feeling she chew bricks rather than candy.
Her shoes are not exactly feminine either, presumably because they contain an assault rifle, ready for instant assembly.
In fact I know from sources, she use barbed wire when she floss her teeth.
Did I tell you she juggles skulls in her spare time? Made from granite, she chipped with her fingers.
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The daily Daily Mail article about Mary in Seattle: Crown Princess Mary visits an obesity research centre in Washington* | Daily Mail Online

Normally Mary gets plenty of press here in DK when she's abroad, but that has not been the case this time.
In fact I'll sat that Harry, yes Harry in particular, has got more press these past days.
There has been some focus on a book with a personal interview with Harry which has now been published in Danish. And Harry has for a long time now been given a good press here - and as a consequence Meghan.
What focus there is on the DRF these days seems to overwhelmingly focus on Frederik.

More on Mary in Seattle:
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark dazzles in off-the-shoulder gown as she tours Nordic Museum | Daily Mail Online

(Somehow I feel guilty towards Iceflower. :ohmy: I know the exhilarating feeling of finding a virgin article at Daily Mail and posting it here. I hope it didn't ruin your day. :ermm:)


ADDED: Here is a BB video of Mary walking across the Red Square:

- The Red Square in Seattle of course...
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What focus there is on the DRF these days seems to overwhelmingly focus on Frederik.

Which to me is highly appropriate. Turning 50 and with his father recently deceased Frederik is entering a phase of his life when him ascending the throne is the only step left for him to take.
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