Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events Part 8: August 2020 - June 2023

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How sweet to mention his father in law. And if I know professors, John probably wants to visit ; )
Perhaps with a grandchild or two?

If he does, we may learn if or who has inherited John Donaldson's knack for science and mathematics.
Frederik is on Day 2 of his trip to Iceland. He has a jampacked day of events. This site has updated with photos of Day 2 and should continue to update with all his events today. frederik i island

Also BB finally posted an article about his arrival yesterday and being recieved by the President and First Lady

From the Facebook page of the Danish Ambassador to Iceland

Editing to Add: Photos of Frederik at a Tour of patrol vessel (Triton) at the Arctic Command - frederik triton

Article re visit to Power Plant:

Nice photo of Frederik:
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Interview and article

Another interview with Frederik and his stance on climate and sustainability

Straight from Iceland, Frederik will head to Paris for one day of engagements.
-HRH The Crown Prince participates in the route presentation of the Tour de France 2022 in the Palais des Congrès
-HRH The Crown Prince participates in the opening of business promotion in Maison du Danemark
-HRH The Crown Prince visits the International Energy Agency

more info
"The presentation focuses on Denmark and the special Danish cycling culture that is known throughout the world. After the route presentation, the Crown Prince's visit to Paris will continue at the Danish House on the Champs-Élysées, where Danish Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VisitDenmark and Food Nation will host a business promotion focusing on bicycle infrastructure in Copenhagen and Danish gastronomy."
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Crown Prince Frederik delievered a speech during the presentation of the Tour de France 2022 cycling race (July 1- 24, 2022) in Paris today, October 14:

** rex gallery **
Frederik in Paris for the tour de France presentation. Speech in French

From the DRF

Articles and video interview with Frederik

"A pleasure to welcome HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Danish Minister @simonkollerup
and the Danish delegation to the announcement of the Grand Départ of @LeTour
and the 100 years of insulin exhibition in La Maison du Danemark in Paris "
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The next few years will be increasingly busy, I trust Fred recognises that.

I am sure he is well aware of his schedule. He (and Mary) have been doing the heavy lifting for years and I am sure they realize it will keep getting heavier.


Nice photos of Frederik at the Tour route presentation accepting the yellow jersey and giving his speech

Thanks for the links! What a huge thing for Denmark to host 3 stages of the Tour de France! One of the biggest sporting events in the world that is transmitted to the entire world. What a showcase for Denmark! Very happy for Frederik as I understand that he has been one of the people heavily lobbying for this. Glad the little bit of his speech in the video was in dubbed in English! Surprised BB hasn't really covered this.

Here is a video from Grand Depart Copenhagen's Twitter:

At the Maison du Denmark event

More photos: prince frederik tour de france 2022 prince frederik&sort=newest&events=775723543

What a great photo of Frederik

Frederik giving his speech. Nice touch with the tie with the little bicycles on it!

At the International Energy Agency in France

Photos at the Tour de France Route presentation prince frederik&sort=newest&events=775723941

Article about the Tour de France event today

BB posted an article
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Thanks! If any one can find a recording of the Crown Prince's speech en français I should be delighted!:flowers:

And it would delight me to read your assessment. ?
On 10/25 Frederik presented the 2020 and 2021 Brain Prize. The DRF Instagram account has posted some photographs

Frederik looks great!

More photos with press release from Brain Prize including information regarding the award recipients

DRF website finally posted re the Brain Prize event
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"Six of the world's leading brain scientists were honored this evening at a festive event in Copenhagen, when Hans Royal Highness Crown Prince imagined the award of the world's biggest brain research award The Brain Prize. The award is awarded by the Lundbeckfonden to one or more researchers who have excelled by an extraordinary contribution to brain research.

Professor Huda Zoghbi and Professor Sir Adrian Bird received The Brain Prize 2020 for mapping out the rare brain syndrome Rett, which especially affects girls in the first years of life.

In addition, four of the world's leading headache scientists Michael Moskowitz, Peter Goadsby, Lars Edvinsson and Jes Olesen The Brain Prize 2021 received, for having created a breakthrough that has led to the development of revolutionary antibody treatment, which can now help millions of patients with chronic migraine worldwide. With the price comes 10 million kroner."

He does look fantastic!
Yet another engagement not on the calendar.....why? I agree with Plyesco, he (and Mary) do alot of these engagements and they are never listed for them? Again, why?

But the photos are nice and he looks great!!
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Cant figure out their policy around calendar notation but it is now included.

And the gallery with more info

More on the society which Frederik is patron of.

I don't understand their policy about the calendar entries either. Especially as this is an event for a group Frederik is patron of. I would think the press would be interested in this event. Second event this week where it was only put on calendar after the event happened.

Well glad we got photos and he looks fantatsic.
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