Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events Part 7: January 2018 - August 2020

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:previous: I'm willing to bet 25 large soft-ice that it's from the Sirius Patrol.

I even think I have seen that photo before.
:previous: Yes it's Mary. At first I thought it was Frederik himself, but if you zoom in you can see it's Mary's face. She has a cap on and a scarf up in front of her mouth. Certainly from a dog sled tour in Greenland.

Something else: BB writes it’s Frederik's office in Amalienborg. That he drove into town for the meeting. But isn't it from Kancellihuset where they live now? I've never seen that office or art in Frederik the 8's Palace?
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This plant produce a good percentage of the hand disinfectants in Scandinavia.

In the beginning of the lockdown it was de facto put under guard by the police.
Royal run 2020 has been cancelled.

It had been postponed until September due to Corona, but the organizers have now decided that it would impractical to have a Royal Run in September. It would simply be unrealistic to gather tens of thousands of participants at that time. (Read: the whole thing is too uncertain.)

The third Royal Run will there for be postponed until second day of Whitsun, 24th May 2021.
However, Frederik will take part in the first Royal Run that year in Nuuk, Greenland on 17th May.

All who have signed up for this year, will automatically be eligible to take part next year or have their money back.

- That's gonna disappoint a lot of people, not least M&F and their children.
Disappointing but understandable. I'm glad the dates for 2021 are set.
Unofficial meeting today:

“This afternoon, H.R.H. The Crown Prince attended the first jury meeting in the newly founded HRH Crown Prince Frederik International Business Awards,
which in the future will honour Danish or foreign companies and persons who have been involved in promoting export of Danish technology, goods or services abroad."


The DRF’s post:
Crown Prince Frederik must postpone visits
Now they have chosen to postpone the company visits to Kamstrup and Aarhus Vand ...

Critical situation in Aarhus
The reason for the cancellation is due to the situation in Aarhus, where extraordinary measures have been introduced to bring the current outbreak of covid-19 under control."
AFLYST: H.K.H. Kronprinsen aflægger besøg hos virksomheder i vandsektoren omkring Aarhus | Kongehuset
Well, at least Mary's visit to Grenaa on the same day should be safe and perhaps she'll take Frederik along?
This part of the country have few infections - yet. Because there are daily commuters to Aarhus from Grenaa.
"It was a big surprise for everyone in the ROYAL RUNNERS communities when H.K.H. The Crown Prince today showed up and participated in the first joint training in Odense after the summer holidays ��������*♂️����*♀️����*♀️

Distributed across the country, there are 50 ROYAL RUNNERS communities, all meeting once a week until the next Royal Run, held on 24 May 2021. ROYAL RUNNERS is based on the classic Royal Run values, where the social unity around running joy is paramount.⁣"
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Thanks, Eya. :flowers:

That's nice to see.
I sincerely hope Corona will be so much under control next year that it can take place.

There are certain family members who believe I should run next year as well. (In one of the local unofficial runs.) :ohmy:
I'm not so sure it's such a great idea. There is no need to take up a place for someone else. And being a large person, I'll just be in the way and ruin the flow of the other runners. ?
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On a sunny June day in 1959, Frederik IX inaugurated the Asnæs power station in Kalundborg, which at this time was Europe's most modern power station.

Later today, the King's grandson, H.R.H. The Crown Prince, will inaugurate the power stations new block 6, which will supply electricity and heat without burning fossil fuels. This is happening as production has been switched to burning residual wood from sustainable forestry. In recent years, Asnæsværket has undergone an extensive rebuild and has undergone a conversion from black to green energy ♻️ The inauguration today marks the end of the rebuild."

That calls for a translation.

Q: How did You react when You heard about the blood clot?
F: "I heard about it when he was through surgery. And that sounded sensibly. But obviously everybody around him were shocked. But he made it. That's good."

Q: How is Prince Joachim now?
F: "My brother feels like he did, when we last published a picture of him and I together. He had a serious experience, but gotten away with it tremendously well. Due to quick reactions at the time it happened. And then we can thank science that you now know what to do to handle such a thing."

Q: How was it to visit him in France?
F: "It was good seeing each other. He is a relieved man, because he has moved on to something new. But he is tired."

Thanks, Iceflower & Polyesco. :flowers:

I notice that Frederik in contrast to me has shed his Corona-kilos.

Frederik also said that he hadn't seen his brother since Christmas.
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:previous: It might actually be a good idea to walk the dog five times a day!

No one in the DK press gives a hoot about the power station, it's Joachim's health they are all covering.
I guess you can't build new people. Just watching all those people body strengthening, stretching and running made me feel fatigued. Guess its time to roll off the couch and head out the door with the dog. Those Covid kilos aren't going to shift themselves.
Lovely smile

More on today's visit
"His Royal Highness was briefed on the thoughts behind Youngsters, which is part of a development project aimed at recruiting and retaining young sailors aged 15 to 23 years. The project is supported by the Hempel Foundation. Subsequently, the Crown Prince greeted several of the young sailors, who among other things told about their experiences at the event and dreams for the future.
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Frederik in his right element, in every way.
Together with young people.
Encouraging physical activity.

- I understand the purpose of this is to attract and keep "normal" young people to the sail-sports world. And cultivate talents.
Sailing is, with considerable justification, seen as an elitist sport, both traditionally and economically.
Some wonderful pictures!
It’s so good that Crown Prince Frederik does these things, even in his weekend he is there for people and he does it so well. This means that the young people in Denmark also find the Royal House relevant and it’s without a doubt Frederik and Mary's profit.

Sletten Havn is close to where our Crown Prince family lives in the Chancellery House (Kancellihuset). So Frederik did not have that far home to dinner ;)
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A rotating globe.

It's probably one of the magnetic globes with light. They are quite decorative. I got one for Christmas.
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