Crown Prince Frederik, Current Events Part 7: January 2018 - August 2020

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Yes, Crown Prince Frederik looks good in uniform
Frederik as regent held the public audiences today

The Crown Prince of Denmark is regent, holds a public audience where 86 people show up but (as usual) the calendar entry doesn't even mention him...:ermm:

The one he held in August shows up as an official event for QM because her photo is there...
Offentlig audiens | Kongehuset

Most of the time they don't bother adding Frederik's photo, which means they never show up when doing a search for his official events.
Offentlig audiens | Kongehuset

Added: It's the same with the state councils. Only QM photo added
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:previous: yes its annoying and frustrating. :bang:

Good thing an article comes out ;) Plus I have seen posts on twitter or facebook of people who attend the audiences mentioning that they met the Crown Prince.

But who ever is in charge of the online calendar entries needs to improve.
This is far from Frederik's first meeting with the architect, Bjarke Ingels.

He is BTW a likable person who became a father for the first time not that long ago.
Some very nice photos of the two
the place looks beautiful!

and a quick trip after the Swedish visit, Frederik is still regent until today

article and gallery from his visit to Norway

Happy Sonja to have Frederik around
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She must be a kind of aunt to him.

Surely he has met Queen Sonja, just as often as he has met Queen Anne-Marie.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #37, 2019.
Written by Dorte Quist.

This is Frederik in his preferred and right element. Outside, being active, together with children on a personal level.

The occasion was the annual Nature Day. A week actually where some 200.000 schoolchildren and pre-schoolers go out into the nature to see and learn what is out there.
Frederik met with a class of fifth graders from a village school who under the guidance of a representative from Danish Nature Preservation Association (*), who told and taught about what they saw and experienced.
Present was also the new Minister for the Environment.

But what is interesting to us is what Frederik had to say.
He was asked whether he had become "the crown prince of the children" (I very much believe he has):
"You (formal) must ask the children. I become happy by being outside regardless of the weather. And it's always fun to be with children. They are much more receptable for all sorts of things and if you can talk a little of their language, you will find it much easier to start a dialogue with them. That's also what children prefer.
They can of course be a little restrained/reserved. But nevertheless they are very spirited and ask about everything from A to Z. And here the nature is one big playground, where you are presented with so much.
You can go for a walk and look for almost everything or simply toss stones into the water.
My own children are no problem luring out into the nature. Also if both cinema, computer sometimes pull the other way. But we very much get out in the nature with the children and also enjoy tenting or walking."

(*) Danish Nature Preservation Association is the preservation organization in DK. Working very closely with other organizations that work in or with or is simply associated with the nature, like the Agricultural Association, The Hunting Association, The Association of Ornithologists and so on, they have tremendous influence. It is because the co-operate with the various interest groups that they have the public appeal, respect and influence they have, and because they are able to understand conflicting interests and thus overlap each other.
It's not a question of animal protection against hunters, or farmers against preservationists. They work together. Farmers keep an eye on the environment, because they are out there on a day to day basis and help out in that way. Hunters keep an eye on the wildlife and birds too, because they are out there. 70.000 hunters cover a lot more ground than 1.000 ornithologists.
That co-operation also means there is less polarization. Because a someone fishing for salmon, might be a farmer on a day to day basis, but also an active member involved in preserving the habitat for birds.
And that IMO is no doubt the reason why organizations like PETA have next to no influence in DK. And even less public appeal and respect.
Fantastic and in top form

"His Royal Highness is patron of Denmark's Hunter s' Association, one of Denmark's largest green organisations with over 800 local associations and 90.000 members. The Association is intended to protect its interests in hunting. In addition, the association works for the conservation and improvement of nature, supports and promotes research in nature, as well as promotes the joy of hunting and nature to children and young people."
Thanks Polyesco & Iceflower :flowers:

I can indeed confirm that the Hunter's Association works closely with Danish Nature-Conservation Association, which is THE conservation association in DK as well as a number of other associations regarding fishing wildlife, and preservation.

Interestingly there have for quite a few years been an increase of members of the Hunter's Association, from around 70.000 to now 90.000. Even more interesting the new influx mainly comes from the major cities from among those younger than 35 or so and a very large percentage of the new members are young women.
Can't say why.
Wonder if there is a similar pattern in other countries?

Crown Prince Frederik made school visits in Copenhagen together with the Foundation for Entrepreneurship today, November 6:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

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a great reception! And a goof focus on kids and their innovation

"Anti-bully bracelets and elderly-turn buses. There were plenty of innovative ideas to strengthen the community, when h. h. the crown prince today visited the school at beach boulevard together with us. The students of the 6. th grade, who are part of our inventor competition project Edison, were ready to present their ideas to h. h. the crown prince. Project Edison focuses on valuable communities this year, and these were some exciting and diverse ideas that the students gave a thorough insight into.
All the students at the school are in the middle of a entrepreneurship course week and therefore in the middle of the process of developing their ideas, and the crown prince was very interested in the work of the students and asked in to the many ideas."

great gallery frederik 6. november 2019

info on the project

and from the DRF
H.K.H. Kronprinsen foretog skolebesøg i regi af Fonden for Entreprenørskab | Kongehuset

He is really great with kids, and on a topic he has focused on alot
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Some info on Frederik's upcoming events

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will deliver the opening address at the WindEurope Offshore 2019 event on 26 November.
Denmark has been at the forefront of wind energy development with the world’s first ever offshore wind farm – Vindeby – in 1991. Since then the Danish wind industry has become a global powerhouse and is helping to drive the energy transition in Europe.

And he will sit on the judges panel for Sports Name of the Year in January
unannounced visit by Frederik this week
HKH The Crown Prince was back in Futurebox this week to meet some of the many new startups that are part of DTU Science Park's incubation in Futurebox or acceleration in Danish Tech Challenge. HRH, among other things, learned about eelgrass and light therapy technology, and then he himself was inspired to jump out as an entrepreneur.

Crown Prince Frederik delivered the opening address at the WindEurope Offshore 2019 event in Copenhagen this morning, November 26:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Staright from Poland, Frederik at the WindEurope offshore conference

H.K.H. Kronprinsen deltog i åbningen af konferencen WindEurope Offshore 2019 | Kongehuset

"The Conference of wind 2019, which is taking place in Copenhagen these days, focuses on offshore wind energy and how businesses and organisations can in practice help achieve the European climate targets for 2050.
The day on the opening day of the conference, h. H the crown prince met companies and visited exhibition positions. Among other things, the crown prince visited the Danish Common State Pavilion of Denmark, and subsequently his royal majesty watched a demonstration of offshore rescue exercises in a 60 m2 pool built for the exhibition. It is windeurope and wind mark invited to the conference, and this morning the crown prince held the opening session. Here HRH spoke of green conversion."

He is also visited many booths and demonstrations

video and article

HRH Crown Prince Frederik: “The world is waiting for offshore wind to release its full potential”

#Windenergy is as integral to the Danish DNA as the #Danish royal family. Therefore it makes sense that HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark & @stateofgreendk’s patron officially opens the Danish Pavilon at #Offshore2019 today #windpower #dkgreen #kongehuset

another article and more pics on Frederik's visit to the Offshore wind conference
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Crown Prince Frederik opened the exhibition "Let the doctors begin" at the Experimentarium in Hellerup today, January 23:

** Pic **
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