Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 4: May 2005 - May 2006

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more photos of Crownprincess Mary and Princess Benedicte attending the " Margrethe skolen " fashion show, in Copenhagen, June 29, 2005.


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Danes count down to royal birth
Jacqueline Freegard

LOOKING every inch the glamorous mum-to-be, a radiant Crown Princess Mary set the style at a fashion parade in Copenhagen.

The clearly pregnant Mary, in a fitted gold lace dress and diamond earrings, openly displayed Denmark's most anticipated baby bump.

Tasmanian-born Mary has shown no signs of any pregnancy blues, despite being more than four months pregnant.

She has been attending formal engagements throughout her pregnancy, including a recent trip on the Danish royal yacht.

Mary and husband Crown Prince Frederik announced they were expecting in April.

At the time, Mary said Australia would play a large part in the lives of her future children.

Speculation that she was pregnant began in February when the royal couple were spotted buying baby booties from a Hobart shop.

The birth is expected to take place at Copenhagen University Hospital in October.

But Denmark does not recognise dual citizenship, even for a Princess. Mary renounced Australian citizenship when she became a Dane.


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pdas1201 said:
The dress is possibly by Heartmade, as Julie Fagerholt has made a similar dress with the same material.

As far as wearing the shiny dress goes, she actually wore the dress for the reception of the Consuls at the Christianborg Palace. The reception lasted till 7pm and the fashion show started at 7:30pm, which gave her about 30min between the two engagements. In this time, she had to leave the palace and come to the place for the fashion show, really doesn't give her that much time. Also, in the past the fashion shows have been in the afternoon or morning, this one was in the evening. I believe this semi to formal dress works very well in the evening.

I completely agree with you. Very beautiful said ! Well done ! :)

IMO, Mary's beautiful lace dress is ABSOLUTELY appropriate for this EVENING fashion show !

WOW !!!!! Mary looks " absolutely stunning " and I really love this amasing dress ! Mary is a very beautiful pregnant princess !

Indeed, pregnancy makes Mary even more beautiful and it seems to me that Mary really loves and enjoys being pregnant !

Good on Mary and Frederik ! :)
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She really looked very elegant on that dress. It was fit for her looks and her current situation as a pregnant person.
marlene said:
Perhaps some of the shinnyness of her dress was from the photographer's flash.It certainly is a lovely dress.

Yeah, I agree ! Very well said !

It is an absolutely stunning dress which looks really great on Mary ! :)

I absolultely loved the dress... it looks gorgeous. she is not my favourite royal fashion guru but this tiem it was absolutely lovely. i hope she uses it more often.i just saw that she attended before that reception. that explains why she attended so overdone to it.
I have to say that Mary looked lovely. I think she should keep those extra punds gained with the pregnancy after she has the baby. I mean, her body looks better her, face looks younger and prettier. The last time I saw her face looked realy gourgeus, was at her engament with Fred. After that she started loosing too much weight, till the point her face lost that magic glow and her eyes looked more wrinkled and her smile wasn't just the same. Now she just looks perfect.
State US visit President George Bush

US President George Bush will greets Crown Prince Fred and his pregnant wife Princess Mary of Denmark at airport on July 5th for state visits.

and HM Queen Marthages wont met president George Bush at airport because her dr order to have easy of her knee or arms and the US president will have breakfast with HM Queen Marthages and maybe CP Couples also.

please posts pictures and articles also

Sara Boyce
I found this funny photo at (I know, not the most reliable and serious magazine, but still fun photo!).

It's nice to see that royals also have a bad hair day sometimes (actually it looks like he just climbed out of the bunk bed :p ) Wonder what he's thinking!!


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So how is Mary's Danish going? Is she making good progress in mastering the Danish language?
KikkiB said:
I found this funny photo at (I know, not the most reliable and serious magazine, but still fun photo!).

It's nice to see that royals also have a bad hair day sometimes (actually it looks like he just climbed out of the bunk bed :p ) Wonder what he's thinking!!

That photo made me giggle. He looks like he stuck his fingers in an electrical outlit. :D
Princess Mary is so pretty and this last dress is just Perfect!! I love it!
She seems to be a very happy Person, that's good to see that!
Gabriella said:
That photo made me giggle. He looks like he stuck his fingers in an electrical outlit. :D
It does. :) It's such a sweet photo.
haha,looks like the cartoons of our childhood time when electricity was running through someone's hair,isnt this picture manipulated?
He looks very "kidish" in this picture....cute!
Mary looks wonderful. I remember pictures posted when she was just a girlfriend and she's come a long way - the personal stylist has helped a lot.
According to Danish newspaper BT, Crown Prince Fredrik and Crown Princess Mary are currently holidaying at Château de Caïx in France.
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Grrrrr... I'm very impatient to see more pictures. :p I really adore this couple because CP Frederik is so sweet and cute and in love. I keep checking back here all the time to see if there's anything new, but it seems that the DRF is good at keeping a low profile when they feel like it! lol
It´s a petty that they are so reserved...It's dificult to get pictures of FrederiK and Mary on vacation...
patty said:
It´s a petty that they are so reserved...It's dificult to get pictures of FrederiK and Mary on vacation...

Honestly, I do understand their reservations, because their vacation is their private time with eachother, where they have the opportunity to recuperate, let their shoulders down, be themselves and not worry about a thing! And I really hope they can have this time for themselves (that goes for all royals), we ought to be able to wait a few weeks for new photos and engagements. With all the things they don't have like common people do (such as 100 % privacy), lets give them their private vacation at least. We can observe them about 320 days the rest of the year.

So I wish them all a paparazzi free vacation! This is my opinion anyway!
No! No paparazzi-free vacation! Too bad for Mary or Fred but personal pictures are just fun. Without paparazzi we'll end up with articles on some autopsy of aliens that came to Earth or a veal with 4 tails. Won't you agree that pics of royal vacations are much more fun? hihihi
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Danish Billed-Bladet reports that Crown Prince Fredrik and Crown Princess Mary left Copenhagen last Sunday and went to Château de Caïx where they have been staying since then. Their dog Ziggy was with them. Fredrik said:
- It's great to have holidays and to relax, we're really enjoying it!

Original article on Billed-Bladet's website:

Mary & Fredrik at Châuteau de Caïx, from All Over Press:


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They are just so cute together! I absolutely love them! They were married the week before I was too so I especially like to keep up on the news about them ;)
That last set of pictures is kinda creepy. I love seeing pictures of one of my favorites (CP Fred), but these images seem like the photographers were hiding in the bushes and pounced on the poor people the second they stepped outside their door!
KikkiB said:
Do you remember when CP Mary and CP Frederik were in Australia earlier this year, and there was some talk about a portrait of Mary being made?!?

Now it seems to be finished, and I found a couple of articles on it, one in English and one in Danish.,5936,16028877%255E3462,00.html

Wonder what it will look like?? But first the court has to approve it, before we get to see it. Hope it's modern but not to funky! These royal painted portraits tends, in my opinion, to either be too standard and boring or too experimental (like the ones that were made of King Harald and Queen Sonja some years back).

Im looking forward to seeing the portrait. 2m is very tall!
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