Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 4: May 2005 - May 2006

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Both Frederik & Mary are beaming!!! They look so in love and happy to be together. What a wonderful couple they make.
I love Mary's outfit. Smashing!!!
ADORE the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! & her hair , the makeup and shoes- what style- she looks so fab. Fred looks cute too. Great couple- thanks for the pics.:)
I really like the dress , I know this will sound kind of funny , but its a strange dress but there is something kind of nice about it !!!!!
As happy as CP Frederik looks, I can't decide whether he has really short arms or his shirts and jackets aren't taylored to fit.
They do make a wonderful couple.
The juries still out on the dress here, but I like Marys hair.
CP Mary as always looks pois, graceful and beautiful but the dress is not quite my style....however i give her full marks for carrying it off!
I really like Mary's style. It reflects her age unlike the matronly-looking outfits chosen by other CPs.
I agree that it is not my type of dress, but she wears it well.
I bet the dress is very fashionable, but I don't find it very pretty. But it suits Mary, that's for certain. :)
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