Crown Prince Couple's Prize 2005-2012, 2014-2023

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Thanks, Polyesco. ?

Even though BB makes it sounds like people were standing with their lower jaws dangling between the knees, there is nothing novel about M&F taking the ferry to and from Jutland.
They do that when they go to and from Trend for example.
Yes it is also my impression that F&M often takes the ferry over. Over the years I remember having seen quite a lot small notice from private people on social media that they were sitting with F&M and the children in the restaurant on Molslinjen (as the ferry route is called).
Nice we have a future royal couple who mix in that way with the people and that people (besides maybe an private update on their social media) leave them alone and do not take pictures. The vast majority of Danes are good at that kind of thing. And I also remember reading that F&M has said many times that it is a great privilege for them that people are good to leave them private. Also on a public ferry.

From BB:
"It was something of a surprise for the passengers on board the ferry from Sjællands Odde to Aarhus to see Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik drive on board their crown car, and then enjoy 75 minutes in the restaurant and lounge.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess wore black face masks as they walked from the car deck to the restaurant and returned after an hour and a quarter crossing.

Therefore, it was far from all passengers on the ferry who noticed that they were actually in company with the Crown Prince couple."

Cute pics of F&M during their awards show:
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On the way to Kongernes Jelling museum, the couple shared a photo from 4 years ago visiting the museum.

As part of the crown prince couple award show, both Frederik and Mary visit and film segments with the winners.
Frederik with kingfish

Arrival at the museum
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Today M&F visited the Jellinge Museum and saw the newly discovered gold hoard that is displayed there. - It's one of the largest gold-hoards found in DK ever, and it was found by an amateur with a metal detector.
The museum has also been modernized and that was something M&F had a look at as well.
- I didn't know bicycling was a craze back in the 900's though... But for whatever reason there was a little focus on local cycling as well. ?

Jellinge Museum is the home of the Jellinge Stones, that are considered "the proof of baptism" for Denmark as it is the first time Denmark is mentioned in an official context as a nation. It's also the first burial place for the first king of Denmark, Gorm the Old and his wife Thyra.


As a part of the new museum the visitors can now ask an interactive Gorm the Old questions and that M&F duly did:
Frederik: Was it hard being king a 1.000 years ago?
Gorm: "Yes, very hard. You really had to be heavy-handed!"

Mary: How many wives did you have?
Gorm: "My beloved Thyra. My one and only."

They also asked how old and how tall he was:
"Gorm the Old was 56 years old, very old!"
"I was really tall, 1.60!" (5'3'')

The interactive interview is based on artificial intelligence, founded on a number of facts about Gorm the Old and the time he lived in, but the answers being computer generated it may not come up with the same answer each time and there are limits to what questions it can answer.
The grammar is not yet in place either. The answer to Frederik was actually: "heavy-hand" instead of heavy-handed.
The museum people appear to have had a lot of fun putting in answers and facts and hearing what comes out.


The cycle stuff is because the Tour de France run will go past the Jellinge Stones.
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If you wish to see M&F live, it's here and now:


Some stills from BT:

Billed Bladet:
In one recorded segment during the show Mary visited some small children and one of them had round cheeks, that reminded Mary of Josephine when she was little: "Josephine had cheeks you could see from behind."
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Here are the videos of the four winners from last night including video packages and acceptance speeches posted by Bikubenfonden on their YouTube channel

Here's another pictured article about the afternoon visit:

** BB: Se de sjove billeder: Sådan har du ikke set Mary og Frederik før **

Mary and Frederik shared this photo of themselves during the general rehearsal for tonight:

** instagram post **

And here are some photos of the ceremony tonight:

** gallery **

** BB: Nu ankommer de: Mary og Frederik indtager den røde løber til royal prisfest **

** BB article: Kronprinsesse Mary var yderst elegant i lyserød buksedragt **

** BB article: Se billederne: Her ankommer gæsterne til kronprinsparrets store aften **
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DRF youtube has posted the videos of the visits to winners of the social and culture prizes

Esbjerg will be the host city for the Crown Prince Couple Awards 2023

When the Crown Prince couple honors significant efforts in art, culture and social work, this year it will take place in Esbjerg. The show is produced in collaboration with DR and is broadcast live on DR1 on Saturday 4 November at 21.00.

Every year the Crown Prince Couple Awards are held in a new place in Denmark, and this year Musikhuset Esbjerg will form the setting for the award ceremony, where D.K.H. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess award a total of four awards: the Crown Prince Couple's Culture Award, the Crown Prince Couple's Social Award and two Star Sprinkle Awards.

The Crown Prince Couple's Awards 2023 will be an evening filled with performances from the world of music and culture. The recipients of the Crown Prince Couple's Culture Award and the Crown Prince Couple's Social Award will only be revealed during the show, while the two Star Sprinkle Awards will be announced in the run-up to the award ceremony. The show can be seen on DR1 on Saturday 4 November at 21.00 or can be followed on DR's, Bikubenfonden's and Kongehuset's digital platforms.

The award ceremony was established in 2004 as the Bikubenfonden's wedding gift to the Crown Prince Couple, and the purpose of the Crown Prince Couple Awards is to make visible and recognize Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese culture and social work.
The Crown Prince Couple's Star Sprinkle Awards 2023

The initiative "Energy for each other" and the artistic studio "How to Kill a Dog" receive the Crown Prince Couple's Star Sprinkle Awards. The prizes will be presented on Saturday 4 November, when the Crown Prince Couple's Prizes are handed out in Musikhuset Esbjerg.
Great gallery from their visit

Video of the choir singing

At the Svend Wiig Hansens monument

From the DRF

Some great galleries

The award ceremony has started!,compress&fit=min&crop=faces,entropy&w=900

Videos of Frederik and Mary visiting the various organizations awarded.

Gallery from the award show

Ans the visit during the day
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Live blog from BT here:

Enjoy the pic of Frederik in his "Uncle Pingo is reading The Red Riding Hood aloud to you" mode.

Trivia: M&F went by train to Esbjerg in the royal wagon. - First: It's good that it's being used. Secondly it means they won't have to endure the three hour sleep inducing ride by car back to Copenhagen, but they can sleep in the wagon.

If you want more trivia, even the most minute trivia, BB has shipped the legendary Ulrik Ulriksen to Esbjerg. The man is a marvel! Seriously. I'm truly astounded on how little basis he can write an entire article. That's the hallmark of a true reporter. Hats off.
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:previous: M&F can prepare themselves for many more visits to Esbjerg for the rest of their lives.
Esbjerg is already a busy hub for the DK off-shore industry and that's going to explode of the next couple of decades with all the plans for off-shore energy-farms and windmills that are going to be set up in the North Sea, by both DK, Germany and the Netherlands. Apart from being constructed and erected they also need maintenance. Esbjerg being the center for that.

On top of that Esbjerg is now an official NATO port and considering the current security political situation in Europe they won't be idle!

And then there is Brexit. As you may know there are huge queues at Dover and at certain times days long congestion. Back in 2016, after the result the Danish government sat down with the opposition and discussed what to be done. UK was at the time the fifth or sixth largest export market. It was among other things decided to expand the port at Esbjerg and set up an increased customs service in order to facilitate the traffic to and from UK and by 2019 it was ready. Not least because most of all the ferries to and from UK are controlled by Danish shipping agencies.
The Dutch and the Belgians have done something similar.
So far though the traffic hasn't increased that much, but it could any moment. Especially since the favorite pastime of some UK politicians and papers seems to be: "How can we insult the French as much as possible?"
The benefit of using ferries seems so far to have been wasted on UK shipping companies, because they can use an FOB Free On Board option, meaning that the driver need not come with the ferry and as such need not be checked by the EU border control. Instead an EU driver can take over once the ferry has off loaded in an EU country. The delivery is even more predictable than via Dover, because ferries usually sail and arrive pretty much on time, while no one knows how long a driver has to wait at Dover.
Now that Frederik and Mary are going to be King and Queen, what will happen to this prize? Will it pass to Prince Christian?
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