Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events Part 32: Dec.2008 - July 2009

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Thanks for the pics Julliette! Char is looking gorgeous as usual. I wonder who's they guy that's with her.
This was great and I thought Charlotte did very well. The interviewer did talk much too fast though. Charlotte has always come off to me as a naturally "cool" girl. That means she doesn't have to rub it in anyone's face, she doesn't crave attention and she doesn't make a fuss about herself -she's just cool. When you got it, you don't have to tell people you have it and you don't need a crowd to constantly remind you that you do. Char's the genuine article.
So, the question now. :D what is she eating in those pics and drinking. to me it looks like a corona, or some other beer and cake. Anyone wants to play the guess game ? :))
For whatever reason, even though she looked gorgeous at the gala a couple of days ago, I like her hair just thrown together casually the best. She looks so adorable here. I wish there were clearer pics.
She looks comfortable until the second picture, then she looks disturbeb when realizes that someone it's taking pictures of her, until the guy tells something on the ear...
I don't know
They are having a tete-a-tete. Did they trade seats or are we just seeing photos from different spots or photographers? Cuz Char starts out on one side, then she's on the other side. Poor Char. I wonder how she meets new people. Her friends put up walls around her which is good from one point of view, but it must be so claustrophobic.
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