Alexandre & Nicole Coste Current Events Part 4: July 2008

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That might have been a decoy that Albert used for Nicole to bring Alexander to Monaco for him to visit with him privately. I think the event was on the 22nd August,2009, just two days before Alex's birthday.
Thanks for these pix. I have been searching for them. It seems The Friends of Lebanon have a Children's Society Fund. A couple of years or so ago Nicole mentioned that she had an association where she would , I think, go into Togo and find needy baby conditions. So perhaps she is now collaborating with this society. So, I'm glad Alex's mother has found a happy productive nitch.

I like short blond hair on brown skin, like Mary J. Blige. It makes for a rather interesting contrast. a kind of sizzling effect. And with the stones on the white dress. I'll be that was a nice sight.
I wish we knew the name of the designer its a very nice dress. I agree Olga Nicole's blond hair does compliment her.
I wish we knew the name of the designer its a very nice dress. I agree Olga Nicole's blond hair does compliment her.

I agree. It would be nice to know the name of the designer. I thought she looked very nice. The blond hair does add a bit of dazzle to her. She looks like she's lost some weight too. Something is different. I'm not sure what.
Yes, it is a nice dress.

Not a fan of the hair. I don't like blonde hair on brown skin. I don't like with the Mary J. either so it has nothing to do with Nicole!
Nor the brown skin as I have it myself. I had a friend who had her own blond hair period and she looks back now and shakes her head in amazement!
I know, that is not a concern of mine, but, nevertheless, I always thought, Fürst Albert of Monaco should marry the Mammi of Eric Alexander, who is a very pretty and interesting looking young lady and who has given birth to a son of Fürst Albert. Please!:heart::heart::heart:
That wedding announcement would carry a hugh level of exitement. Remember how the magazines flew off the shelf when little Alex was revealed. That would be interesting and nice.
Being pretty, interesting and able to reproduce are not the only requirements for a princess, magazine sales regardless. The first big interview I saw with Albert after he became Sovereign Prince he did not seem very pleased with the mother of his son. He knew about him for some time and had been supporting him and was somewhat at a loss to speculate as to why Nicole would suddenly decide to go public, particularly so close to the passing of Prince Rainier. That act alone displays qualities that would make any prince, royal or assorted public person pause before thinking marriage. She didn't have to go to the tabloids with their son and if she *had* to let the world know that she was the mother of Albert's son she could have at least waited a respectful amount of time after the death of Rainier III.
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Yes, I too remember the day when PA was practically "forced" to reveal all to Patrick Poivre d'Arvor on French TV. I felt it was a bit merciless to "tell all" to the media while the Family were grieving over Rainier's passing. A couple of months' delay would not have disadvantaged Nicole and Alex.
Let's move one. I've never quite understood the reasons nor the need for rehashing this part of Alexandre and Nicole's life. However, you can read all about it in the old threads where Nicole received a thorough bashing. I realize it's not the same as expressing your own opinion, but it will have to do in a pinch.

Thanks for your cooperation, :flowers:

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If I may Thank you, thank you Lady Administrator. That's so totally perfect and should be all encompassing you just said. (I doubt its the last) I just this moment came to say that there was nothing about that Lebanon event that mentioned PA's private life. I'd like to add inaddition to a non current event, when do you come out of medievaldom and allow some obvious respect. And thats it unfair and amounting to abuse, continuous at that.

Thank you, thank you--you always ROCK.
My sincere wish is that Nicole puts her all into raising her children and pay special attention to Alexander. He can be very successful if she spends that time with him and let him know that he is special and to give him lots of love.
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