Rania praises the ambition of Arab women

  March 5, 2009 at 2:25 am by

Picture from TRF Jordanian avatar gallery

Picture from TRF Jordanian avatar gallery

Queen Rania is a proud Arab women who is married to King Abdullah for ten years and has four children. In an interview with Britain’s Glamour magazine, Queen Rania praises the women of Jordan saying “When it comes to women in my region, we can’t be generalised. Women have jobs ranging from taxi drivers and hairdressers to pilots, plumbers, architects, CEOs, judges and government ministers.”

Queen Rania went on saying “Unfortunately the stereotypical Arab is laden with negative associations. We’re seen as terrorists, as oppressing women’s rights, as following a violent religion, as living in a perpetual war zone. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Rania believes that women have to work hard to overcome the negative Arab stereotypes which is regularly linked to the Muslim region.

When Rania was asked what she was most proud of she said ” “My non-government organisation, The Jordan River Foundation, has overcome the stigma and the silence of child abuse, and built the Arab world’s first centre to rehabilitate abused children. We also train mothers and young women in handicrafts so that they can earn money, and provide for their families.”

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