A Very Personal Tribute to King Michael

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Copyright: Sophie de Roumanie Photography

Her Royal Highness, Princess Sofia of Romania has paid a remarkable and personal tribute to her late father, King Michael, in a set of photographs published on the website of the Royal Family of Romania and her own photography page on FaceBook.

The photos were taken in the grounds of the Săvârșin Palace two days ago as Princess Sofia took a quiet “walk of remembrance” on her own and, as a renowned and well established photographer, with her camera to hand.

The images depict the hauntingly beautiful gardens and grounds of the Palace where the princess and her family are currently staying during Christmas.

In describing the photographs, Princess Sofie said with great poignancy and courage:


From the website of The Royal Family of Romania

On my walk 2 days ago, I shot these images from the heart, for my father, for his love of Săvârșin, and for my love for him. A quiet walk in remembrance, my way of saying thank you to him, of saying I love him, of saying I won’t forget him, a way of sharing photography that he always enjoyed so much, my profession that will always keep me close to him no matter what.

The photographs can be seen here

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