Dutch King Installs New Government

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King Willem-Alexander has installed the new Dutch government at Palace Noordeinde in The Hague this morning. It is the first time that the king installs a government, though he did install several ministers who joined the previous cabinet after the abdication of his mother in 2013.

The morning started with the King, the prime minister and the formateur signing the new royal decree.

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The ceremony is traditionally held at the Orange Hall of Palace Huis ten Bosch. But due to the renovation of the palace, the ceremony was relocated to the ball room of Noordeinde. The short ceremony was broadcasted live on television:

The new government is the third one that is headed by prime minister Mark Rutte. Rutte III is a coalition of four parties: the VVD (Party of Freedom and Democracy), D66 (Democrats 1966), CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) and the CU (Christian Union).

After the 15 ministers and 8 under ministers were installed, the group was photographed for an official photo inside the palace.

And to finish the morning, the king posed with his new ministers for the traditional ‘terras photo’ on the steps of Noordeinde Palace. The male ministers and the king changed their outfits and went from a morning jacquet to a normal suit. As the palace gardens were opened, the photoshoot could be witnessed by the public for the first time.

And a video of the photoshoot:

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