Princess Lilly’s Mother’s Day Surprise: “A Mother Can Hardly Wish For More”

  May 9, 2016 at 5:47 pm by

Schloss Bückeburg, the fairytale-like seat of the Schaumburg-Lippe family, never looked better than yesterday, when the sympathetic Fürst Alexander (aka “Schaumi”) celebrated the opening of the restaurant in the park of the castle.

The party was attended by the Fürst’s sparkly ex-wife, Princess Marie-Louise ‘Lilly’ of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and their son Hereditary Prince Heinrich Donatus (b. 1994).  Princess Lilly’s presence was not a coinsidence: the restaurant is re-named ‘Lilly’s’. It was Prince Heinrich Donatus who came up with the idea of naming the restaurant after his mother. And what better day to surprise Princess Lilly than on Mothers Day? The princess had to wipe away a few tears when she realised that the restaurant was actually named after her: ‘a mother can hardly wish for more”, she told Bild newspaper. The princess already opened the previous restaurant in 1997, when she was still the Fürstin of Schaumburg.

The restaurant has place for 90 guests while the beer garden -which German castle can do without one-  can receive 300 guests. While Princess Lilly opened the restaurant, Fürstin Nadja, the 2nd wife of Fürst Alexander was nowhere to be seen. The couple officially seperated in 2015. Among those present at the opening party were singer Charlotta Trumann, Lilly’s daughter Lena, her parents Prince Otto Ludwig and Princess Annette and her sister Princess Vanessa with her husband and three children.

Prince Heinrich Donatus will soon be manager of the restaurant, though as he told the local press, he is still studying in Boston at the moment. Princess Lilly was quick to disappoint those who are hoping for a reconciliation of the couple: “No, we are not a couple, but happy and proud parents”. While Fürst Alexander looked proudly at his son, he note that the two of them make a great pair.

Fürst Alexander, Prince Heinrich Donatus and Princess Lilly.

See more photos here.

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