Prince Charles Talks Gardening and Grandchildren with BBC Radio 4

  March 31, 2016 at 4:50 pm by

The Prince of Wales has given an interview to ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ on BBC Radio 4 that aired this afternoon, in which he spoke of his love of gardening and his hope to pass on the hobby to his grandson, Prince George.

“I’ve got him [Prince George] planting a tree or two here [Highgrove]. Because that’s the way, I think, when you’re very small.  And then you see, each time they come you say do you see how much the tree has grown? And you hope that they take an interest,” Prince Charles said in the interview.

He also said how the gardens at both Highgrove and Birkhall, in Scotland, have been designed with children in mind.

Charles told the interviewer that his interest in gardening began at a young age, in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and at the Queen Mother’s home in Windsor.

He described his hobby as a “marvellous, therapeutic business… you can get reward from it but you can also be driven mad by it” and that the key to gardening was to learn from the gardens of others. But that has its drawbacks – “Every time I go to someone else’s garden I think, ‘Bother! It’s so much better than mine. How do they get their roses to do this?'” he said with a laugh.

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2 Responses to Prince Charles Talks Gardening and Grandchildren with BBC Radio 4

  1. Lisa Bohl says:

    What a good grandfather and didn’t know nature caretaker is attending to gardening!! It’s interesting that today, April 1, a flashback photo is shared, here on The Royal Forums, of a 19 year old Prince Charles (48 years ago) being at an archeological dig in Jersey. I hope these positive parts of Prince Charles’s life, remain a part of his memory and time, even if he possibly could become the next ruling royal monarch?! Pretty picture.

  2. maria carmen says:

    una meraviglia!

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