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Are they any royals who have recently or within the last couple of years written a book? If so, what was the title and topic?
Queen Sofía and Princess Irene, her sister, wrote two books about archeology in greek, but I cannot remember the titles.
Queen Noor of Jordan wrote a book:
A Leap of Faith:
Memoirs of an Unexpected Life.
Prince Michael of Greece has written many books both fiction and non-fiction.
Katrianna said:
Prince Michael of Greece has written many books both fiction and non-fiction.

Yes I know but for some time now I've been trying to get my hands on his book entitled "Charlotte,empress of farewells" have you heard of it? Is it recommended ?
Both prince Bertil and princess Lilian have written/told their memoirs in the 1980:ies, as well as his brothers Sigvard and Carl Johan and his cousin Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg. Queen Silvia have contributed to and been active in the choice of material in a prayer book that has her name, "Drottning Silvias bönbok".
" Memories" of Empress Farah of Iran
"Palace of Solitude" by her predecessor, Queen Soraya
"Once I Was A Princess" and "Since I Was A Princess" by Jacqueline Pascarl-Gillespie, formerly Yasmin Tengku Bahrin of Terengganu.
The late Diana,Princess of Wales co wrote an autobiography with Andrew Morton back in 1992. I think it was simply called Diana.
Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands wrote her autobiography 'lonely but not alone' in the 50-ties.

Queen Sophie of The Netherlands wrote 'memories of my youth in biedermeier style'.

Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria wrote 'Ich Sollte Kaiserin Werden'.

The present Duchess of Parma wrote a book about Dutch prime ministers.

Infanta Eulalia of Spain wrote: 'Mémoires de S.A.R. l'infante Eulalie, 1868-1931' and also 'Court Life from Within'.

Prince Felix Youssoupov wrote 'Lost Splendour', about his life at the Russian court.

GD Alexander Michailovitch of Russia and Prince Nicholas of Greece both wrote their memoires too.

The late countess of Paris is supposed to have written a book about Queen Marie Amelie of France.

The present Duchess of Wurttemberg also wrote her memoires.

But the list should be endless.
I just remembered that Sarah Duchess of York authored the Budgie helicopter children's books!
I just remembered that Sarah Duchess of York authored the Budgie helicopter children's books!

Didn't she also publish her 'True Story' back in the 1990's? I think that was an autobiography of hers. ;)

And I also remembered that Q Rania wrote a children's book, a fairytale or something, a few years ago.
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Royals who are authors

Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Sodermanland (1884-1965) was a Swedish prince. He authored a large number of books as Prins Wilhelm. He wrote more than forty books between 1912 to 1965. His 1955 book of poetry was entitled Verklighetens Skuggbilder (The Shadow Images).
Hold Still, A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020. by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge captures the action and the concern of 2020. The collection is well worth preserving in hard cover.
Princess Irene of the NL (sister of former queen Beatrix) has (co-)written a couple of books about the relationship between human and nature

Her authorname is Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld (which is her own name, she doesn't want to publish as 'Princess')
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Princess Michael of Kent has written several books on European royalty,many of whom she was descended from.
King Charles has written many books:

King Charles has written many books. The following just some:
1. The Old Man of Lochnagar
2. The Garden at Highgrove
3. Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World
4. The Elements of Organic Gardening: Highgrove, Clarence House, Birkhall

Among others, he has co-authored or contirbuted to...
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If royal-adjacents count..

Carina Axelsson (now Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg) has written several children's/YA books.

I actually really like her Model Under Cover series. They are fun little YA mysteries.

I was going to link her website, but it seems to not be working anymore. Carina hasn't published anything new for a few years, so I wonder if she is still writing or if something happened with her publisher. She used to do quite a bit of promotion, but has stopped completely and the third book of her Royal Rebel trilogy never seems to have actually been published.
In 2008 Prince Michael of Prussia wrote Auf den Spuren der deutschen Monarchien.
Although not Royal, Charles Spencer, Earl Spencer has written several books. I have only read the White Ship and it is excellent. Well written, well researched and kept me interested all the way thru.
Princess Christina, mrs Magnuson has published two books with journalist and cultural writer Carl Otto Werkelid.
In 2016 Dagar på Drottningholm / Days at Drottningholm
In 2020 Hon kallades Daisy about her grandmother, crown princess Margareta

Their third book "Joséphine" about queen Joséphine will be released October 31, 2023.
King Friedrich II of Prussia undertook the first written history of King Charles IX of Sweden.
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