Zdravo! Charles and Camilla in Serbia

  March 17, 2016 at 9:02 pm by

Following their two days in Croatia, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have now spent two days in neighbouring Serbia.

The couple were officially welcomed in Belgrade on Wednesday by President Tomislav Nikolic before setting off for a memorial ceremony at the Belgrade New Cemetery, where the Prince laid a wreath in honour of all the soldiers who died in Belgrade during World War Two. It was then over to the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery.

As is typical on Charles and Camilla’s tours, they spent the afternoon on seperate engagements: the Prince meeting with religious leaders and visiting one of the world’s largest Orthodox churches, the Church of St Sava; while Camilla (who appears to have brought along the majority of her fur-trimmer hat collection) stopped at the Zvecanska Children’s Home to met with families who have benefited from the charity’s work, which works with both UNICEF and the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

The tennis champion even recorded a video message for the Duchess, thanking her for visiting the centre and brining “this issue to the fore and attracting much-valued public attention” to the importance and significance of the centre. She then paid a visit to a centre for women who have suffered from domestic and sexual violence.

In the evening, Prince Charles spent time at the Royal Palace with Crown Prince Alexander, the head of the House of Karadjordjević, his wife Katherine and eldest son Hereditary Prince Peter.

On their second day in the country, Charles and Camilla began with a cultural festival in Novi Sad where they toured stalls carrying handmade goods and souvenirs. They continued their cultural morning at the Matica Srpska Gallery, viewing a project organised by the British Council to help young people engage in their cultural heritage.

Later on the Prince of Wales visited the centuries-old Kovilj Monastery and met with monks as the Duchess participated in the “Food is Great” festival at the Beekeeping Museum and Winery. She was particularly interested in the traditional costumes worn by the women she encountered.

Tonight they rejoined to attend a reception hosted by the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament to highlight the relationship between the UK and Serbia. Prince Charles delivered a powerful speech on the subject of reconciliation, saying he believes “that only reconciliation offers the assurance that our children and grandchildren will not suffer the same agonies as our generation.”

“I want to salute all those in this region who have had the courage to cross the divide between the different communities, the different faiths and within faiths…I can only assure you that Britain is with you as you build your common future. Peace and stability in this region will mean that all of us, whether in the Balkans, in the United Kingdom, or elsewhere, can enjoy a safer and more prosperous future,” said the Prince of Wales, as he concluded his speech.

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3 Responses to Zdravo! Charles and Camilla in Serbia

  1. maria carmen says:

    Una coppia perfetta. molto eleganti, chic

  2. Lisa Bohl says:

    Keeping positive foreign relations and respecting others. no matter where someone goes, is what keeps peace! Nice pictures.

  3. Joyce Small says:

    I love the purple outfit that the Duchess is wearing.
    Just lovely.

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