Princess Theodora Talks About Family and Career

  March 1, 2016 at 6:57 am by

Princess Theodora of Greece gave an interview to ‘Global Perspectives’. She talked about her acting carreer and shares her experiences of being a royal. The princess is a daughter of former king Constantine II of Greece, a niece of the Queen of Denmark, a 1st cousin of the king of Spain and a goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

Theodora says that her family has been very supportive of her unusual career path. She recently even received a phone call from Queen Sofia of Spain, who excitedly told her niece she just saw her in a movie.

She also talks about her grounded and normal upbringing, which was possible because the family left Greece and was living in London. The ‘princess duties’ would mainly be participating in grand royal birthdays and other celebrations, though for the princess these feel ‘just like me and family’.

First trip to Greece when she was 10 years old left a strong impression. People were very welcoming. The visit to Tatoi was special for the princess, it gave a strong sense of ‘what might have been’.

The princess chose her words carefully when discussing Greece. She did say that the present refugee crisis is too large for Greece to handle on its own. The princess hopes that the Queen Ana Maria Foundation can help them in some way.

Watch the complete  interview on youtube:

Courtesy to TRF member eya, who provided the link.

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  1. Prince du desert says:

    Congratulations to Princess Theodora…..who ever wrote the text I beg to check spelling…..”CAREER”
    thanks a lot…..

    Luigi Borgnis

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