Trusty Blue for Margrethe, Recycled White for Mary: Second New Year’s Court in Denmark

  January 5, 2016 at 3:29 pm by

The second New Year’s Court took place in Denmark this morning, and the two royal ladies present – Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary – both reached into their closets for their outfits instead of opting for something new.

Queen Margrethe, hosting a Court for the judges of the Supreme Court, the Royal Life Guards and the Guard Hussar Regiment Officer Corps and then one for the diplomatic corps, donned her trusty deep blue brocade dress and bolero jacket with fur trim; while Crown Princess Mary had the organza overlay on her white three-quarter sleeved evening dress from last year’s New Year’s Court removed for today.

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The first Court of the day took place at Christian VII’s Palace in Amalienborg, and in past years there have been no photos released from the event, however this year several were provided by the Danish Royal Court.

At the second Court, in the Great Hall of Christiansborg Palace, the 88 diplomats that are placed in Denmark were received by the Queen and the Crown Prince Couple ahead of a banquet. During the event, the wife of the Iraqi Ambassador unfortunately became ill and fainted and was seen to by medical staff.

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  1. Dear Royal Friends and Far Reasonable Relatives!
    Merry Christmas!
    It would be wisely and logically to unify this Higher Day from Russia first for Western and Eastern Christian Europe – for Christendom.
    At present we have December, 24, December, 25 and January, 7.
    Be sure please it would be easier to move the Big Ben to Kremlin than to forward the Christmas Day by opposite way.
    Best regards,
    Sincerely yours,
    Elena G. Kordikova, Dr.

    P.S. My relatives from the paternal line have rather Danish relationships thanks to Friedrich Wilhelm Georg Adolf von Hessen-Kassel-Rumpenheim (1820-1884), Order of the Elephant (June, 28, 1840) in his 20s.

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