King Felipe and Queen Letizia Hold A Lunch

  April 22, 2015 at 12:03 pm by

King Felipe and Queen Letizia held a lunch in the Royal Palace in Madrid in honor of some writers who are attending the Cervantes Prize. As tradition, a day before the Cervantes Prize event, the King and Queen hold a lunch in honor of the writers. The prize ceremony will take place tomorrow at the University of Alcalá in Barcelona. The award goes to Spanish writer, Juan Goytisolo Gay.

During the King’s toast he said “Convinced that the literature and books that support it are a powerful tool for the ambitious quixotic program,” he went on saying “we wanted to meet with you to share and encourage this ideal goal.”

Around 100 guests attended today’s lunch, they varied from booksellers, authors, authorities, academics, editors and teachers.

The “Miguel de Cervantes” Award recognizes the creative work of Spanish and Latin American writers and is award by the Ministry of Education.

King Felipe wore a suit matched with blue tie and a crispy white shirt. Queen Letizia recycled her introductory visit to Belgium outfit. She looked lovely.

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