Luxembourg’s Princess Amalia Makes Her Debut

  June 17, 2014 at 10:14 pm by

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The newest member of the Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Princess Amalia, made her public debut today, when she appeared before the media as she left hospital with her parents.

Prince Félix and Princess Claire left the Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in the early afternoon with their daughter, briefly speaking to the gathered press before departing for home.

The Prince also registered his daughter’s birth with the Register of Civil Status of the City of Luxembourg, to comply with the nation’s legal requirements. The signing took place at the Grand Ducal Palace, in the presence of Luxembourg’s Mayor, Lydie Polfer.

Earlier, photographs of the newborn with her parents were released by the Court.

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One Response to Luxembourg’s Princess Amalia Makes Her Debut

  1. NATALYA says:

    Welcome to the newly born Princess ! Happiness to the family !

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