Wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg

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The religious wedding between Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the Royal House of Prussia and head of the German Imperial House, and Princess Sophie of Isenburg took place today, 27 August 2011. The civil wedding took place on August 25.

The bride and groom:
Prince Georg Friedrich is the son of the late Prince Louis Ferdinand and his wife, née Countess Donata of Castell-Rüdenhause. The couple also has a daughter, Princess Cornelie-Cecile. Princess Donata later married Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg as his second wife.

The couple attending the concert. View the full gallery at Getty Images

Princess Sophie is the daughter of Fürst Franz Alexander of Isenburg and his wife, née Countess Christine of Saurma, Freiin von und zu der Jeltsch. In addition to Princess Sophie, the couple has two (unmarried) sons, Hereditary Prince Alexander and Prince Viktor, and two daughters, Archduchess Katherina of Austria, who is married to Archduke Martin of Austria and they have 4 children, Bartholomäus, Emmanuel, Helene and Luigi; and Fürstin Isabella of Wied, who is married to Fürst Carl of Wied and they have 3 children, Maximilian, Friedrich and Isabella.

Pre-wedding event:
On the evening before the wedding, the annual concert in aid of the “Princess Kira of Prussia Foundation” was held.


The wedding:
The wedding took place at the Friedenskirche in Potsdam.

The wedding dress:
The weddingdress was created by Wolfgang Joop.

The wedding tiara and veil:
The bride wore the family tiara of the Princely family of Isenburg, as well as a veil that belongs to the Princely family of Isenburg. At night the new Princess of Prussia wore the Prussian Meander tiara.

Royal guests:
– Duchess Donata of Oldenburg, née Countess of Castell-Rüdenhausen, widow of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and mother of the groom
– Fürst Franz Alexander and Fürstin Christine of Isenburg, née Countess of Saurma, Freiin von und zu der Jeltsch, parents of the bride
– Hereditary Prince Alexander of Isenburg, brother of the bride
– Prince Viktor of Isenburg, brother of the bride
– Archduke Martin and Archduchess Katherina of Austria, née Princess of Isenburg, brother-in-law and sister of the bride
– Fürst Carl and Fürstin Isabella of Wied, née Princess of Isenburg, brother-in-law and sister of the bride
– Princess Cornelie-Cecile of Prussia, sister of the groom
– Prince Hassan bint Talal and Princess Sarvath of Jordan
– Prince Laurent of Belgium
– Princess Sybilla of Luxembourg
– Prince Eduard and Princess Corinna of Anhalt
– Archduke Georg and Archduchess Eilika of Austria, née Duchess of Oldenburg
– Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia
– Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia Prince of Prussia
– The Dowager Duchess of Schleswig-Holstein, née Princess Marie Alix of Schaumburg-Lippe
– The Duke of Bavaria, Prince Franz
– The Landgraf of Hesse, Prince Moritz
– Fürst Aloys-Konstantin of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
– Fürst Albrecht of Oettingen-Spielberg
– The Duke and Duchess of Castro, Prince Carlos and Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
– Prince Leopold and Princess Ursula of Bavaria
– Archduchess Gabriella of Austria
– Lord Nicholas and Paola, Lady Nicholas Windsor, née Countess Paola Doimi di Delupis, with Albert and Leopold. 

(The Guestlist will be updated a.s.a.p!)

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Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg 27. August 2011
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3 Responses to Wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie of Isenburg

  1. This is the true royal wedding, unlike Prince William, Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince Frederick of Denmark, Prince Haakon of Norway, Prince Felipe of Spain and Prince Albert of Monaco who married commoners, Prince Georg married a fellow royal. This is the kind of match we, royalists, will be pleased to follow. May they will live happily ever-after. This is just an observation Prince Georg looked like Prince Harry!

  2. Lady Daphne says:

    After the wedding, the couple seems to have disappeared!! I’d like to have more news of them. I would hope they would become a popular European “Royal”, or ex-Royal, Couple, whatever the case may be, Germany should have a national familial face to help solidify itself. Am I wrong?? I think I’m right but I don’t live in Germany,

  3. Tonio says:

    @Royalty Fashion: rofl, Germany is no longer a Monarchy and Royals don´t exist anymore. As much as I adore the two, they are not Royals, and Sophie would have been also not a Royal in Monarchy, since she is “just” from a Princely family. AFAIK she wouldn´t have been seen as suitable for the future Emperor, because she was not from a Royal Family, not sure with that.

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