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On November 04, Crown Princess Maxima attended a meeting about pension awareness for employees organized by “CentiQ” which take place in the former Caballero factory in The Hague.

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The meeting was intended to guide partners in money matters and professionals from the world of pensions. A large part of Dutch employees are not aware of retirement. This proved the beginning of this year’s first annual Pension Awareness measurement CentiQ 2200 under Dutch. Only 12% of employed people working on the level of their retirement income, whether it is sufficient to retirement and have more opportunities to build up pension.

The platform “CentiQ” guide to money matters is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance and represents over 40 organizations working together to provide consumers ‘guide to money matters’ it.

Princess Máxima has been honorary chairman of the platform since September 2010.

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The same day, November 04, Crown Princess Maxima was present at the International Conference for Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change in The Hague. Princess Maxima spoke in her capacity as special advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development “of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Besides the Princess there was also former Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

In her speech, Princess Maxima stressed on the importance of good access to financial services in achieving goals as adequate food in 2050. Some of her points included: Better access to financial services can help the agricultural sector by, for example can be invested in seeds or materials to protect crops from too much or too little water. This can lead to higher yields. Insurance can also help to eliminate unexpected events such as drought and offer loans the opportunity to invest in storing or distribution of agricultural products. Condition is that the financial services available locally and adapted to the local agricultural sector.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in collaboration with the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the countries of Norway, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Mexico and Vietnam. In addition, other non-governmental organizations, scientists and companies there to support agreements to promote sustainable agriculture.

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Today, November 06, Crown Princess Maxima was at Starters Chamber of Commerce at the Provincial House of South Holland. The Starter is an information day for those who are well preparated to start his own business or seeking to obtain information about starting your own business.

Through workshops, presentations and individual conversations get (potential) starters answer questions about starting their own business. The Starters are in 21 locations across the country place. Máxima’s visit will focus on microfinance. She is on the information exchange in talks with various companies about their experiences in starting a business.

Then she lived the first presentation of the day, about coaching and loans for entrepreneurs. They also presented to the Chamber of Commerce The Hague a nameplate like feature for Micro Finance (MF)-point operators.

This was to commemorate the fact that all offices of the Chamber of Commerce The Hague MP entrepreneurial point. Entrepreneurs can go to one of the many entrepreneurs MF points for information on starting a business, for advice and coaching and applying for microcredit.
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