“VAMOS A GANAR” – Football Adventure for Spanish Royals

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July 7th, Durban (South Africa), the octopus Paul predicts that Spain is about to win in match with Germany and, for the first time, achieve the final game at a World Cup of FIFA. Is not only Paul that is predicting about the match – Queen Sofía, very optimistic, also predicted that the Spanish team would win, a very simple “Vamos a ganar”. In fact, Spain won by a goal the semi-final match against Germany! The excitement of being for the very first time in a final of the World Cup was so overwhelming that Queen Sofía visited the team in the locker rooms, celebrating as a normal Spanish woman the victory!

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Spanish people from around the world joined the celebration and Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia were no exception: both of them flew to Johannesburg to attend the final game between Spain and the Netherlands! The happiness and joy of the Spanish Royals would be at the sadness of the Dutch Princes, though there were a lot of warm gestures between the two families. And again, a new visit to the locker rooms and a tremendous joy from all: Prince Felipe thought that they would have to suffer in penalties, Princess Letizia didn’t know what to do while watching the game and Queen Sofía reminded all of her prediction: “Vamos a ganar!”

And for those who ask: What about the King? Well, King Juan Carlos stayed home since he’s still recovering from a lung surgery. Despite being at home, the King called to the team giving his support, in fact, on July 12th, the King, the Queen, the Princes and Infanta Elena received at the Royal Palace the Spanish football team.

From the TRF Avatar Gallery

A very moving audience, where the King held the Champion’s cup and showed his pride as Spain is the world champion and because the team “made the best dreams come true”, since this team is “an example of fair play, of working as a team, of effort.”

At the end of the audience, two little surprises came up: the little Infantas, Leonor and Sofía, gave their small contribution to the audience (and at the same time huge contribution to photographers and royalty fans!) and Leonor, as most of her family did, held the Champion’s cup and showed her best smile, as all the Royal Family did!

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