Queen Beatrix Will Pay For Extra Maintenance Costs Sailing Boat

  May 12, 2010 at 12:18 pm by

Queen Beatrix will pay the extra maintenance costs for her sailing boat the ‘Groene Draeck’ herself. This was reported yesterday by RTL news, and confirmed by the RVD (the government information service).

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The queen received the boat upon her 18th birthday in 1956 as a gift from the Dutch people. The gift also inculded the maintenance costs of the boat, which was provided for by the ministery of Defence for ther last decades. In 2007 however, when the costs of the maintenance were made public, a lot of criticism arose about this arrangement.

The ‘Groene Draeck’ needs some extra maintenance in the next twqo years. Newspapers estimates of the extra maintenance costs vary from 163.000,- to 326.00,- Euro. The queen has decided to pay for these extra costs herself. The ministery of Defence will still pay for the regular upkeep of the boat, which is estimated at 47.000,- Euro a year.

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