Rania in the USA – Days 2 and 3

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Day 2 of Queen Rania’s trip to New York was kind of busy. In the morning she appeared on the Good Morning America show with Diane Sawyer. She answered a few question as well as talked about peace, education, social networking and stereotypes. Queen Rania said, answering a question, “At the moment, there’s 75 million children who are out of school. To get them into school would cost about $11 billion a year.”

Later on, Queen Rania was a guest speaker at Yale university where she gave a speech infront of almost 700 students and faculty. Her Majesty spoke about the Mideast conflict as well as peace which lasted about 15 minutes. After the speech, Queen Rania was asked a few questions.

Later that evening, Queen Rania joined singer and friend Bono, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and a few more names at the Appeal of Conscience Foundation Awards. The Appeal of Conscience Foundation Awards is an interfaith partnership of corporate and spiritual leaders from all faiths who come together to promote “peace, tolerance and ethnic conflict resolution.” This years awars 2009 was given to Prime Minister Brown.

On Day 3 of Her Majesty’s visit to New York, Queen Rania was seen leaving Cipriani resturant where she had lunch. Later that evening Queen Rania along with Wendi Murdoch and Indra Nooyi hosted the 4th Important Dinner for Women at Cipriani. PM Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah Brown gave a keynote speech. Attending the event were about 300 women from the politics, entertainment, business, fashion and media world.

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