‘Gracias Máxima’ – Argentinian War Criminal Arrested

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The Dutch-Argentinian pilot Julio Alberto Poch, who was arrested in Valencia on Tuesday, has been reported to the police by collegues after a discussion about Jorge Zorreguieta, father of princess Máxima of The Netherlands. Magazine ‘Página 12’ even ‘thanks’ the princess in one of their sub head lines, which says: ‘Gracias Máxima’. Poch is accused of being one of the pilots of the airplanes that dropped opponents of the Videla regime in the Atlantic Ocean.

According to newspaper ‘La Nación’, Julio Poch revealed his past to his collegues during a discussion they had in 2007 in restaurant Gado Gado on Bali. The conversations started about princess Máxima, and later about her father Jorge Zorreguieta and his role during the Videla dictatorship. Poch said that none of the people attending the dinner party had an idea what had happened in Argentina. He explained that it was a war, and during a war people get killed. He also told about his role on the so-called ‘vuelos de la muerte’, the death flights on which political opponents first got drugged, after which they were thrown in the Atlantic Ocean. One of his collegues later said to press agency TelamP “(He) told me how aboard his plane, people who were still alive were thrown off with the intent of executing them.”

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His collegues took the matter to the police, after which an investigation after Poch’s role during the Videla regime started. Poch was arrested on tuesday in Valencia, Spain, during his last return flight to Valencia before he was set to retire. Spanish police detained him during a 40-minute stopover before he was due to fly back to Amsterdam.

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6 Responses to ‘Gracias Máxima’ – Argentinian War Criminal Arrested

  1. magnik says:

    So, why they thanks to Maxima?

    Thanks Marengo.

  2. Marengo says:

    Because it was because of her (as topic of conversation) that Poch gave himself away during the dinner party. That finally led to his arrest. if they wouldn’t have started to talk about Máxima and her father, Poch might have stayed silent and enjoy his retirement. The comment must have been meant somewhat ironic of course.

  3. lucien says:

    So great they got this bastard,and just on time too as it was his last flight before retirement,and to celebrate that he had his wife and son aboard as well which I think is great and must have gave them a feel of what was done in the times he bragged about,family members being arrested out of the blue with no specific reason,and taken away never to be seen again.He bragged constantly on his former “work” as a pilot for the vuelas de la muerte.Sickening creature to be extradited to Argentina ASAP,but unfortunately his plane will land normally and not open its doors over the Atlantic to kick him out like thousands before were on the spot he bragged about so much that his collegues found him a nauseating piece of dirt,este higo d p.Justice will be done.

  4. magnik says:

    I’ ve just done little research and I found articles in Polish net about this arrest. There’s no word about the pilot’s name or about the Princess. Only that it happen in Spain and he was a pilot of death flights.

  5. Princess!! says:

    IMO She did nothing there…I mean, they could be speaking about the atlantic ocean and he would say the same…But it’s ok 😛

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