Princess Marie to take over duty from Prince Henrik

  September 21, 2009 at 12:09 pm by

After recently resigning from his position as Order Chancellor in favour of Prince Joachim, Queen Margrethe’s husband has now handed over his duties as the Patron of the Annual Literature Prize to his daughter-in-law Princess Marie.

This means that Marie will, on behalf of the francophone ambassadors to Denmark, hand out an annual prize for French-language literature in Copenhagen. Of course, both Prince Henrik and Princess Marie are perfectly suited to this job, both being native speakers of French and natives of France itself; as Billed-Bladet writes, the Prince Consort could “…scarcely have found a better successor…”

However, freed of two extra duties,Prince Henrik still has plenty to keep himself busy with; he is patron of 71 charities/organisations, Honoury Chairman of another 51 and President of another 8.

For more information, please see this thread.

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