Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - December 2012

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Some colour would have been nice from Zara. The headpiece is beautiful though.
Oh yes, the outfit was fine, although more color would have been nice, but oh, the hat was awful!
The coat was lovely so was the hat but I thought her overall was too dark. A colored jacket would've looked great in the same cut.
This silver-blue colour is gorgeous on Zara. She looks wonderful and very elegant.
Zara looked good. I'm glad she didn't wear any weird shoes like she usually does.
Not a fan of the dress she wore at the pre wedding event.
Wow. Zara looks great! I can't for tomorrow!
you know how certain people have a look that would make them fit into a certain time period..i.e. 1700's dress
i could pic her back in the 1920's she just has that look imo
The dress looks fine - not great but fine. I'm confused by the bag and shoes. What was she thinking pairing those with that dress?
From the front and back views it looks like a designer swim suit- not good!
From the side view, it looked awesome! And love those shoes!
I can see the reference to the skating costume in the side view. Good comparison Daria.
All in all a very Zara outfit... What does tomorrow have in store?!
It looks like the dress is very uncomfortable to wear, it doesn´t look good on her. The shoes are awful and the clutch doesn´t suit to the dress at all.
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It doesnt look nice at all and the tanning line :ohmy:
Ugly batic style, looks very cheap.
Some photos to reference in this thread for the pre-wedding event today.

Front view:

Side view:

Back view:

Killer heels and her legs look great!
her dress not nice

Her dress reminds me of a figure skating costume. I have no idea why. She does look nice though.
your right she look like girl in film "ice princess" the girl in film put same dress :ROFLMAO: :lol:
like here : same from down the dress

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I rather like the has an almost victorian feel to parts of it.

Zara is a lovely bride! I just wish we had a better view of the upper part of the dress.
Zara looked pretty but she should have covered her conpicuous tan line. Thank goodness her wedding dress covered it. She was a beautiful bride.
I think that Zara looks not only radiant but also simply fantastic in her wedding dress:flowers:. Its design is quite particular i.m.o. -I absolutely fancy those rather geometric embellishments (instead of too playful ones) on its top part, especially the folded mini-sleeves which sort of continue in a mirror-inverted fashion on the skirt part while two horizontal folded areas provide for a beautiful division.
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I didn't like the panel hem on the bottom. It seemed to break up the flow of the dress. Other than that her dress was beautiful and I loved how the sleeves were done. Overall Zara was a beautiful bride!
I think Zara looks pretty good there. Could've done with a simpler hat, but I think it works overall. She's bound to have been pretty warm in that coat though, it's been unseasonable mild lately.
Zara looks lovely.
The hat is nice and quite in Zara's style, and although I don't particularly care for the coat, the overall looks is pleasant.
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