Zara Phillips' Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - December 2012

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Well it's umm interesting? Don't like the hat don't mind the suit it could have been fitted better though. I doubt she is pregnant with the Olympics only a few weeks away. It is just the fit of the dress!
Her dress and shoes look awesome. I am happy to see women like Zara and Eugenie who have great curves and aren't hiding them.
The outfit is nice in general but I don't think it fits her well.
ok its not her best look and im so shock because imo this is her 1st bad hat choice...oh well
Zara has been doing really well but that hat is just ugly and the dress doesn't fit properly. I think she thought the plain dress would go well with a far out hat. She was wrong on both counts.
I'm all for women showing off their curves, but man, this outfit just looks plain weird on her (and that hat :nonono:).
Horrible outfit, especially that hat! Reminds me of those horned headpieces from the Middle Ages.
On the weekend, Zara attended the the christening of her niece Isla Phillips at St. Nicholas' Church in Gloucestershire.

Pic 1 ** Pic 2
That's an oddly cut jacket on her; somewhat of a man's suit jacket with a twist. I'd like to see her dress underneath.
I'm not liking this look. It appears to be a bit messy. The jewelry seems nice.
Not a bad outfit. The dress looks nice.
I love the 'less is more' aspect of her outfit. The dress is very elegant, but still appropriate for a woman in her early thirties. The shoes look great on her (even if I'm not a fan of the heels, which make them look like death traps).
That's a very elegant black dress. Love the heels, looks great with the dress.
Zara looks very Nice , her Dress Simple elegant and suits her well , liked her shoes , nice red .
Really great look on Zara. I love the red shoes with the simple dress.
Just love the shoes! Check out the shot from the back...

I love the minimalistic look. She looks elegant, but chic.
I LOVE the dress, any ID?
The shoes are great, if you can walk in them, bravo.
Never been crazy about her look I have to say she seems to dress more for the fashion than what suits her figure this is just IMO naturally.
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