Willem-Alexander, Máxima and Family, General News 1 (January 2010 - April 2013)

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St.Nicolaas arrives in Scheveningen today,all children will be out and about to welcome him again,same for three lovely little ladies..:).

St.Nicolaas is the Dutch equivalent of Santa,a centuries old tradition brings the good man to The Netherlands mid november by boat and then he rides his horse Amigo over the roofs,dropping presents and chocolades down the chimney.....on december 5th,his birthday...:p...

First pics:


Courtesy Robin Utrecht.;)..
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Beautiful, beautiful pictures
The Princesses are amazing and happy.Just Lovelyyyy :) :twohearts:

More gallery->APN DPP

Video footage
Princess Amalia attracts all attention :) .The A-team is so so so cute :heart:
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i always love seeing the girls, it always makes me happy!
btw, Amalia is soooo tall!!!!!!!!! she only has 1 year and halp gap from Alexia, and it looks like shes older by 3 or 4 years, she will be tall and big as her mother, and of course grogeous. she also has that happily, carefree and shining personality, its quite normal for her to still the attention^^
Wonderful pictures. Amalia has grown so much. I can´t believe she turns to 8 years in december
I like Maxima's 'guest of Sinterklaas' badge in the last pictures
Thank you I finally could see it!!!!!!!
Royal spectators at Jumping Amsterdam

Friday, Queen Beatrix, Saturday, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Máxima and daughters:
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