Dutch Summer Photo Sessions: 2013-2022

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Jan 29, 2005
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They skipped the traditional talk to the press at the end of the photo shoot.

There was a premiere too though, their dog skipper joined in for the first time. He doesn't seem too impressed by it all.

A clip from the NOS:
Hond Skipper voor het eerst bij halfjaarlijks fotomoment Oranjes - NOS Nieuws

Nice that the girls are not dressed the same. I wish the king did something about his hair and clothes (which seem 3 sizes too large); most 70 y/o's look more modern than this.

Royalty reporter Marc van der Linden says that they will go to Greece for a 5-week holiday. Apparently the builders needed to rush to finish all the details on time.
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Lovely photos, the Princesses all look very cute. Ariane's dress is beautiful.
Oh my look at all those freckles! LOVE THEM! Mine were more noticeable when I was their age, they faded over time.

Where is Wassenaar?
I think they also own a holiday home in Greece (near Ermioni).
What a very beautiful pictures!!! LOVE all the girls but OMG Amalia grew so much from the last time I saw her, she will be definately one of the tallest princesses around. And I also like that they are dressed diferently!

Oh my look at all those freckles! LOVE THEM! Mine were more noticeable when I was their age, they faded over time.
Freckles are cute and it suits Alexia very much, the other princess who has them is Ingrid Alexandra, but I think Alexia has more.

Even though they are 3 girls, they look so diferent from each other, very beautiful girls that makes me wish to have 3 girls as well:lol:
Alexia is prettier and prettier and the family on the whole is really handsome. A joy to behold !!!!
lovely pics. the princess looks beautiful, so is Maxima :D. and I love Alexia's freckles ^^
Attention King W-A:

Austin Powers called. He wants his clothes back.
I lke everybody how in a way combine the colours of clothing for the photo session! their home is huge! wish we could see inside! one thing I notice is that she does not have in her back patio a typical Argentinean bar-b-q! I am sure she loves it, is a very tradional thing there and in her position it would be easier to built one there! although she gow up in an apartment so may be that's the reason?????
I have always liked the photo shoots that WA, Maxima and the Three Princesses have. I enjoyed looking at the photos, thank you for posting iceflower. :) The girls are so sweet and like others here, I think Alexia's freckles are cute. Recently I have often noticed that all three princesses look a lot like their father, I'm not sure who resembles Maxima the most.
amalia is dutch as an apple pie:) I can see maxima most in ariana and alexia a bit also.
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:) The girls are growing up so quickly. It looks like they all had fun with the dogs at the beach today.
Lovely and relaxed family photos and a fun day at the beach too!
Beautiful photos, and beautiful girls! Amalia is so tall , she looks like 14 years old!
What a beautiful family! I met someone recently who had been in the diplomatic service some years ago and had lived near them. They said you might see them riding their bikes or in a store; and, they were always so very nice.
Those are very beautiful pictures. The girls look so lively and natural, they probably had a lot of fun.
It's been a while since that last photosession on the beach. I love it, like the other time when they were on the beach, the girls are more active, having fun.

Beautiful photos, and beautiful girls! Amalia is so tall , she looks like 14 years old!
She really is tall. She only has 11 years old (turns 12 in December) and she's catching her mother's height.

Do you notice that Amalia is wearing a bra? Such a young lady already, time sure flies:flowers:
The Meijendel Dunes near Wassenaar (where the King and his family have their private estate) is a huge nature reserve where the clean water for the The Hague region is provided. The dunes work as a natural filter and pre-cleaned water is poured into an enormous area. The dunes filter the water, enrich it with minerals and so the people of The Hague can enjoy sparkling clean water. The area is rich is special vegetation, animals, birds. It is really a great place to have next to your estate...
When did the girls grow up so much?? Amalia isn't that much shorter than her mother, and she's only what- 11? 12? All three girls are beautiful. This has always been one of my favorite families. They all seem very good-natured and down-to-earth.
The AAA's have changed a lot! I agree, Amalia looks so grown up. I don't think she looks like a 14 year old, but she does look older than 11. It appears that she looks like WA, Alexia looks like Maxima and Ariane is a mixture of both her parents.

The new photos on the beach are lovely, and the beach appears to be very nice too. The water looks quite warm.
I think Robin Utrecht is becoming one of my favourite royal photographers, he takes really good quality and clear photos.
Lovely pictures of the family and it's lovely to see their dogs as well.
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