What does King Constantine do?

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King Constantine speaks Arabic, he has been very close to the royal family of Jordan with whom he has had a great relationship and mantien currently. Last year , King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie traveled to Jordan with Round Square School, King Abdullah stated that they were his guests. Pínce Hassan bin Talal of Jordan is a close friend of Constantino and Anne Marie, if was celebrated yesterday party in Porto Heli, it is sure that Hassan was invited. The relationship of Constantine extends to his children, Pavlos and Nikolaos provided that the Royal House of Jordan have celebrated the weddings of their princes, the king and Queen of Greece has been invited, the relationship with the Jordanian royal family has been always there (the friendship of the King of Greece with the Jordanian royal family was greater than wing Sha). Regarding the Greek shipowners, Onassis financed the Colonels and Niarcos, was monarchical but first was his company, the Vardinoyannis alike.the Shipowners transport the oil and Arab countries have oil, they are obligated to speak

If you're talking about Anne-Marie's birthday party, there are plenty of pictures that show only her sisters and children attended.
at the night was held a dinner or party at the House of the Queen,in Porto Heli. In this dinner has been more guests, friends and other families.This party could be invited Prince Hassan and his wife. I do not know the guests.
But Beltaneja is right, because Prince Hassan has visited on other occasions with his wife to the king and Queen at their house of Greece. They are friends .
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