Wedding of William & Catherine: Pre-Wedding Events

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If anyone gets an opportunity to do so, please purchase the Hello magazine that has William and Catherine on the cover for their wedding.

There are a lot of pictures of the prewedding event. Pretty much what has been posted here (still no pics of Maxima) but its a nice addition to anyone's collection of magazines for the event. Though I will admit there are more pics of the minor British royals. I bought two copies!

Here the magazine will cost 4 times more! ow lord! But this is a one in a lifetime moment, can't miss it!
Still no pics of the dinner before the wedding for the foreign royals, inside the hotel?
I'm assuming it's prob cause it was a private event and photographers weren't allowed inside.
I think everything to be seen about the pre-wedding events have been seen.
There is a beautiful 4 page spread of pictures from an event hosted by Prince Pavlos of Greece in Hello!
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