Wedding of William & Catherine: Pre-Wedding Events

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OMG MT and Henri look amazing. Sophie and Victoria look great too. I love Letizia's whole look and Eugenie looks good as well. The royals really went all out tonight!
Beatrice, looks fine. Better than usual. She is not plus sized. By the way, Lucien, Sarah is lovely, too. I, usually, hate anything Beatrice wears, but I can't fault this. Victoria looks lovely, as does Leitiza. The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg looks the best ever. She is plus sized. Still looks lovely.
To bad the bride and groom and respective parents didn't attend but overall it seemed like a nice party!
Photo from Reuters Pictures
Is princess Nikolaos of Greece courtesying prince Michael of Kent here?? Why?

I hoped to see some pics of the duke of Edinburgh German relatives (Badens, Hohenlohes, Hannovers, Hesses, ..). Has somebody seen them??
Didn´t Maxima and WA attend?I haven´t seen a pic???
Maxima and Willem-Alexander are believed to be staying in the same hotel as the event, so they would have already been there.
Some very impressive dresses & some are just plain & boring. It's great seeing many of the royals but what a shame we didn't get to see some of the other royals who are staying in the Mandarin hotel. goes from what I have seen so far...I think most of the women looked exquisite, straight from a fairy tale or glamour film..Letizia so far has the best hair and the best makeup, and I love her gown too. But I am becoming increasingly distracted by her gaunt frame. When she turned around all I saw were the bones in her back!:eek:

On the other hand Beatrice looked wonderful, best I have seen her. But from the back you cannot tell she has lost so much weight..her rear looked enormous.

Marie-Chantal looked perfect, gorgeous. She and Pavlos look so wonderful..he's hot! :whistling:

Princess Michael looked gorgeous too..thank goodness there was no cleavage display like at Freddie's wedding!:ohmy:

I gasped when I saw CP Victoria...her hair, her gown...AWESOME!!

Charlene Wittstock...most women could not pull that gown off, but she took my breath away. Extremely glamourous. It was pearly silver by the way, NOT white.

CP Mathilde...wonderful! I love that color on her, and her chignon was gorgeous! She is another one who has slimmed down recently, but unfortunately you can't really tell by her gown. Still beautiful, though!

Those are the ones that made an immediate impression..I am still waiting to see Princess Eugenie.....
she attends anyway:)
i think she was already in UK when the attack happen.

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco arrives for a party at the Hotel "Mandarin Oriental" in London on Thursday, 28th April, 2011 on the eve of the royal wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29.
Is there any photo of Princess Catherine:flowers: in the Pre-Wedding party??Thank you..
Sephora that Photo is from the pre-wedding ceremony that the Queen hold in Hotel Mandarin Oriental there is another photo of Lalla Salma in the event above.
Shrifia, Mademoiselle Lillo, you are right, I thought at first it was the wedding day, as the colour is almost the same for both caftans, but I have seen today a picture on "point de vue" from front from the the pre-wedding day, the caftan is very different (the one of the wedding day was much better), plus her haido was also diffrent. I wil try o scan the picture.

I really admire that the moroccan princesses honour the moroccan caftans in every occasion, which made of them a very "haute couture" piece of fashion and not a folklor costume.
If anyone gets an opportunity to do so, please purchase the Hello magazine that has William and Catherine on the cover for their wedding.

There are a lot of pictures of the prewedding event. Pretty much what has been posted here (still no pics of Maxima) but its a nice addition to anyone's collection of magazines for the event. Though I will admit there are more pics of the minor British royals. I bought two copies!
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