Wedding of William & Catherine: Pre-Wedding Events

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WOW! Red is the regal and reigning color! Letizia looks STUNNING! Sophie looks so beautiful in her gown! Do we know about her diamond necklace??????????

Charles and Camilla are just here for a drink. They will have the family dinner at Clarence House afterward...
Letizia is so beautiful, cant wait to see HQ pictures of the dress and hairstyle.
Mathilde is gracious and Victoria is sexy and glamorous. but where is Maxima? i want to see her and what shes wearing
Leti looks amazing!

I love Grand Duchess as well. I'm loving all the reds!!!!

WA and Maxima are staying at the Mandarin Hotel... so i doubt we'll see any pictures of them arriving...
I am really surprised that this is getting no coverage in the British print press. What's the deal.

All of the ladies look lovely...especially Eugenie...Sophie..Wow!
And what about Albert and Charlene?

I think Victoria is pregnant..
Letizia ... WOW for her gown (Does she look the Black Swan?)
HM Elizabeth II I like it.
Victoria nice but I don't like the top of her dress.
Beatrice nice lady.
Dress of Queen Sofia look interesting...
Sophie looks knock out! I had to do a double take! :lol:
Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima stayed at the hotel, so no pics of them...
My my my a lot of red tonight.
The Queen looks fabulous!
We haven't seen Albert and Charlene either. Let's hope for a group photo!
Just saw a clip of Will greeting the fans.
That's so nice of him:)
No speculation posts about Victoria and pregnancy.

They will be deleted.
The dinner. That's too formal in terms of dress for a luncheon. Besides, it's nearly 9 o'clock at night over there.

Oh sure, SM. The thread was named "Pre-wedding luncheon" when the first pictures where posted. If that's not confusing...
We're all simply exited, huh? :cool:
could his be the first time we got see queen Elisabeth, queen beatrix queen margrethe and the only queen regent in the next generation crown princess victoria at the same place

my hope would be a lovely photo with these 4 ladies this generation of queen with the comming generation
Beatrice looks a hot mess!
Her hair is wild and I can't say I like the dress.
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