Wedding of Albert and Charlene: Guests and Fashions and the Wedding Celebrations

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Jan 29, 2005

Welcome to the thread to discuss the fashions of the guests
attending the wedding celebrations of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock
from June 30 till July 2nd.

:flowers: Thanks and happy posting! :flowers:

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I need to find out who made that beautiful ensemble P. Stephanie wore. It is just beautiful and I would like to have it.
I need to find out who made that beautiful ensemble P. Stephanie wore. It is just beautiful and I would like to have it.

Could very well be by JIKI , a swedish designer living in Monaco ... and a long time friend of Steph's
Caroline is wearing Chanel.Don't like the hat though.

Stephanie for once looks nice,

And Charlotte,it looks kinda casual,and I don't like her hat.
I really like Caroline's hat (her face and head remind me of her look in the 80's) and the color of her dress.
I would have liked it to be a shorter dress though.
Alexandra looked stunning too.
Actually I liked all the looks of the families.

If the dress were knee length and she wore heels, then presto -- 80's Caroline! Which is always a good thing.
Charlotte reminds me so much of Princess Grace...beautiful face, it's good to see someone in that pic smiling! :flowers:
Stephanie, wasn't she a wild child? she looks really old, even older than her sister, her hair it is not very nice either, i like the dress
I love the hat from Caroline and flat shoe unusual too but lovely look overall
Ye Gods, Stephanie looks like she's 100 years old, and that sour expression doesn't help.
Neither Caroline nor Stephanie have really aged well. Their skin looks leathery and tough, and it makes them look about a good 30 years older than they actually are. I don't leave the house, even if it's just to walk my dog, without slathering on SPF 75, especially in the summer when it's hotter than nine yards of Hades.

Both of them would look much, much better if they took better care of their skin.
I could not believe how aged and hard Stephanie looked today. Like the old sole of a leather shoe. How sad.
:previous: She looks horrible, unfortunately. Aged and weathered.
The sisters' facial skin look at their brother's civil wedding today, is very irrelevant. To criticize wardrobes is acceptable, to criticize their dual leathered appearances is not. The fact is after years of dealing with hateful, unnecessary tabloid trailor-trash talk and serious crticism from the masses about everything they have publicy done, have finally taken their toll on HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco, and her younger sibling, HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco. I am glad all of you look use 75 SPF sunscreen always, and are such youthful in appearance. Just post a close-up of yourselves from an HD digital camera, and we can compare!
I am sure their many thoughts included various family members who have passed on and IMO, I am glad they kept their composure - for their own sake! I hope this entire family is blessed with the best still yet to come!
I am sorry to say but I agree with the comments regarding Stephanie and Caroline. Neither have aged well, but Stephanie looks a lot older then Caroline. I thought her outfit was nice, but too tight, she actually looked slightly pregnant.
Neither Caroline nor Stephanie have really aged well. Their skin looks leathery and tough, and it makes them look about a good 30 years older than they actually are. I don't leave the house, even if it's just to walk my dog, without slathering on SPF 75, especially in the summer when it's hotter than nine yards of Hades.

Both of them would look much, much better if they took better care of their skin.

They have not aged well or wrong, they have aged. They are 54 and 46, it is a complete nonsense to say they look about 80. They have fully enjoyed the Mediterranean sun, and how lucky they are! At least they have not filled their faces with botox like some women in their 30´s have already done.

As this is the Fashion thread I will say both sisters looked absolutely stunning. Caroline gave her outfit a particular look with the original hat and shoes. I also liked Charlotte, Alex and Camille. I almost don´t care what all these women wear. Everything looks good on them.
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I need to find out who made that beautiful ensemble P. Stephanie wore. It is just beautiful and I would like to have it.

Indeed....on another board they are raving about how she was best dressed wedding sweet that she made an effort for her much loved brother's wedding!:whistling:
After viewing the very first pictures of the family and guests about 2 hrs. ago now, my first thoughts were the following:

1.) Princess Caroline has outdone herself ~ perfect ensemble ~ and that turquoise blue color looks the best on her, brought back visions of my hands down favorite outfit of hers back in the 80's:

2.) Princess Charlene has *it*....another winner....perfect for the civil ceremony; a solemn but also joyous occasion. I love how calm, cool, and collected she is; I would've been sweating and acting nervous, but not she! She has what it takes to be a princess. And the clothes she wore today prove that; they highlight her stunning blonde beauty with emerald green eyes. What a joy it will be to watch her over the coming decades ~ SALUT! :cheers:

3.) Charlene's mother appeared like a vision on the balcony ~ my first time seeing her and I was blown away! ~ it's obvious where Charlene gets her good looks from. :) Nobody does it better than Nordic beauties like these two. Though I think the young Elizabeth Taylor was/is the most gorgeous woman to have ever lived, there's nothing like natural blondes, nothing. Brunettes have nothing over them. Jmho.

4.) What I saw of Pauline's outfit was gorgeous! Too bad she didn't make a full appearance on the balcony. Imho she has overtaken her cousin Charlotte in the looks department. Young, fresh, straight out of the schoolroom. Here's hoping she maintains that flawless youthful complexion.

5.) Princess Alexandra & Camille were surprises and delights! :heart: I loved seeing them both together on the balcony, and little Alex's smile is truly a joy to see, especially when her much loved uncle Prince Albert appeared in the throne room. :hug:

6.) Charlotte, Andrea, and Pierre were sophisticated and gorgeous, as always, not a hair out of place. They could pose for GQ or a fashion magazine anyday. All the time I see them together I'm reminded of the young Barrymores back in the 30's.

***ETA: but I have to be honest, Charlotte disappointed me a bit, she's not aging well unfortunately. Her best years were when she was a teenager. And the dress she wore proves that. Here's a picture of her only 6 yrs. ago:

And now compare that gorgeous Chanel outfit to this one today (makes her look like a grown 30 yr. old woman trying to wear an 18 yr. old's clothes): ).

Sorry to say but all that horse riding and not wearing a hat to protect her skin has aged her prematurely. Women nowadays, don't they know that tans look not only unattractive, but make one look like an old leather prune. :p I miss the days of Princess Diana and her youthful peaches & cream complexion when she first married: ***

7.) Everybody else was lovely as well, including Charlene's two brothers, the maid of honor, the dashing handsome best man, relatives, guests, etc. etc. etc. It was a joyous occasion, one I feel honored to have witnessed in my lifetime. :)

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i thought mette marit chose a lovely dress (shame about the colour, although i guess the white rule does not apply to civil ceremonies?) for the wedding, i think she was the best dressed this time, followed by maxima (same remark about the colour though), i like the assymetric nature of her dress, it looked interesting and sleek.

i wasn't very impressed with the danish princesses. mary's dress was plain and didn't seem to fit well in the corset part and marie's looked weird for a wedding. wearing the hair down was also a bit disappointing...

caroline was just perfect, i loved the colour of her dress, it looked summery and relaxed while at the same time showing her importance in the event. it's odd that charlotte chose such a relaxed dress for the wedding but i guess the whole atmosphere intended to be relaxed seeing how all guests were dressed.

charlene's dress was beautiful, i'm not so sure about the jacket though. the lovely flowiness of it would have looked much better without (although i guess bare shoulders are not appropriate)

not very impressed with the south american guests: maria margarita and tatiana.
Neither Maxima nor Mette-Marit (nor the Danish princesses) attended the civil wedding. They attended the reception and concert in the evening. Therefore there is nothing wrong with wearing white or cream (or black).

Having said that I think Mette's dress is beautiful but not ideal for her body. And I wished she would stop dyeing her hair, that platin blonde makes her look cheap.
Maxima has a bed sheet wrapped around her which shows too much of her ugly legs. And with the hair and jewellery and (ill matched) shoes she once again looks over the top compared to the Danish and Norwegian princesses.

Mary and Marie looked very elegant. Beautiful dresses and perfect accessories. Nothing over the top.
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According to Expressen king Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and Carl Philip will arrive to Monaco at 14.00, as do Victoria and Daniel with Madeleine. At 16.00 they will be transported to the Palace, and at 16.30 they wll leave to the wedding place. All these Monaco Time.
Expressen sänder live-tv under bröllopet - Nyheter - Senaste nytt | Expressen
According to spanish Hoymujer, Victoria will wear an Escada dress at the wedding.
Victoria de Suecia irá de Escada a la boda de Charlene Wittstock y Alberto de Mónaco -- --

About yesterday´s outfits: The biggest disappointment was Caroline. She looked like she was going to some beach party with friends, not to a wedding. Her shoes were just awful and that big hat horrendous. Stephanie looked good and her outfit was appropriate to the wedding. Charlotte was dissappointing too, she has lost her sparkle. Charlene´s mother, in the other hand, looked absolutelly great. All the children of Stephanie looked good, as did Andrea, Pierre and Alexandra.
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Charlotte was dissappointing too, she has lost her sparkle

Attractive young woman, but she's never dressed well imo. Proves that money can't always buy you style.
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3 beautiful guests: Inès de la Fressange and her daughters Nine and Violette
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What will be the dresscode today? Long dresses or short? With tiara?
Stephanie was appropriately dressed this time - three cheers !

If she looked tense, let's not forget she is grieving. Her relationship with her brother is bound to change. They have always been very close.
I don't think with a wedding their relationship is gonna change. Albert was really close with her two sisters and seems to protect her. And his gonna be close to Steph no matter what. In my eyes i saw a Steph being truly moved and happy about Albert.
In my humble and personal opinion Caroline and Stephanie were dressed so differently that it looked like they are not talking to each other. Your only brother is getting married and one wears sandals and a straw? Stephanie is dressed beautifully. Charlene's dress I could not see! The color beautiful, but why wear a blazer with white buttons when you have a lace long dress underneath? The three young men, Luis, Andrea and Pierre were the best... I could not see Pauline or her younger sister, Alexandra looked like a princess.
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