The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 1

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I like fascinators, but I'm not a fan if they are placed on the forehead as it happens here with Kate Middleton.
I agree Dierna, this fascinator is just slightly too far forward on Kate's forehead, and the "disk" is too large for her head...
Mad Hattery!

Hats from today. :flowers:

Favourites: Sophie, Beatrice, HM. :)

Thanks for the link

Sophie Wessex - Looks like a red rose flower boquet on her head.
Camilla - Hat was bigger than her head, it looked like it was about to fall on her face. It also looked like a fur ball.
Princess Ann - Nice hat but not sitting nicely on her head.
Princess Eugenie - Nice hat and color for her age but to bright for a morning church service IMO, maybe a darker shade wouldve looked not so barbie like.
Princess Beatrice - Very pretty, the crystals add a lovely soft sparkle to the hat, she wears it right as well.
Zara - Lovely simple hat, looked really good with the outfit.

Extravagant, yes. In the first picture Princess Eugenie wears Philip Treacy and I think it doesn't suit every royal woman. Zara Phillips and Lady Gabriella Windsor look great with Philip Treacy's hats, but it doesn't flatter the Countess of Wessex or Princess Eugenie, JMO.

Sophie's hats aren't my cup of tea, most of the time. So I was no fan of the red roses bouquet on her head yesterday.
Camilla's hat was far too big, it really looked like a fur ball...

My favorites are the hats of Her Majesty, Zara Phillips and Princess Beatrice. I even liked Princess Anne's hat somehow. :flowers:
Diana wears the best hat always. She look great with hats. Thanks for your posting
I've never seen Letizia in a hat that I can recall.
I loved Zara's hat- she gets prettier and prettier, imo.

IMO, Autumn Phillips' fur hat looked quite nice (together with the nice coat it looked rather elegant to me). Eugenie's and Beatrices hats were quite nice as well. I'm not sure if I like Lady Sarah Chatto's choice (it makes her look fairly hard IMO) and I wished this gorgeous Lady, the Viscountess Linley, would have worn something less dull. I don't like Sophie's hat, its shape doesn't seem to flatter any woman I must say. :ermm: Her Majesty's shimmering grey hat looked lovely, though!
Camilla's hat might be practical and protect her from this cold weather, but I find it rather ugly and unflattering. JMO
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