The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 1

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Camilla's hat might be practical and protect her from this cold weather, but I find it rather ugly and unflattering. JMO

I agree with you. This kind of hat makes her look quite grumpy, IMO. She had much better hats in the past. ;)
I don't like the first one, but the second is very chic.
It looks like Camilla found her hat in the rubbish. Most of her hats are too big and do not flatter her, but this one is plain ugly.
I've always like Queen Elizabeth's and Beatrix's, CP's Mary and Maxima's hats.
I really like the pill box style hats from the 60s...wonder if they'll be back in fashion.

I saw one on Princess Mette-Marit in ivory color with a matching outfit and it looked just perfectly charming and elegant on her.
:previous: The Queen's new hat is very stylish indeed. Purple flatters her a lot IMO.

I also liked Maxima's last hat, posted above by Princess Beatrix.:flowers:
Thanks a lot for this gallery! :flowers: I find most of Mary's, Madeleine's and Maxima's hats/headpieces really lovely. I'm not so sure about the rest though.
I love pictures

10, 12, 14, 18, 19. :flowers:
Both hats are very stylish. Mary looks very chic here - thumbs up! :flowers:
I liked MM's hat. She also had the perfect up-do for this hat - thumbs up!!!!!!
i'm stunned by this forum! There seems to be a whole armada of fashion threads and now this one about hats worn by royal ladies [my very own passion]. I have to watch and watch and watch I'm so excited! Ha ha! the crown princess of Norway looks so especially lovely with pill box hats. She has an extraordinary appearance, almost like a shy deer.
I'm stunned, too..They have 16 pages for the hats alone, amazing,just fabulous.. Aww Gawd, I have no idea where Norway is {forgive me, luv u all there} but their princess is cute n' looks perfectly glamorous n' chic with these small hats. I'm bowing, Ur Highness..hihi
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