The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 1

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Maxima looks really wonderful in that hat and her hair!!!!!!! I know we have been asked to refrain from going on about Maxima and her hair....but I love the way she has styled it......very Evita-like to me, very chic I love it!
I love big hats and do think they look extremely elegant though Sophie's hat wth the blue flowers on the inside was a bit much for me. LOVE LOVE any hat Grace wore gosh just too gorgeous and in the last 10 years Queen Elizabeth has made the nicest choices and I wrote and told her so ... good for me. Sophie often leaves me wondering hers just miss the mark.. Maxima on a good day makes just lovely choices and Mary can do no wrong for me.
Really Lumutqueen ! You really don't mind the head ornement thing! Seriously now, I don't mind the outfit so much but, the white fluffy thing on her head? It is sort of unique I agree...still... Don't mean to contradict you in anyway but I really don't understand what's going on with this whole idea..:)!
The combination of the colours is tender and classic.
This is one of the elegant hats of Princess Diana!:previous:
Is the pink one the hat she wore at Laurent and Claire's wedding in 2003?
It is a quite original hat...
I loved Mathilde's hat at Laurent and Claire's wedding. It had an oriental theme to it and she wore perfectly to me. Both Mathilde and Maxima have a flair for hats and can wear them well. Yes, Diana had a flair also, even thought she hated hats.:lol:

The hat in the last picture is quite interesting. My favorite is the hat in the second link, I love big hats and this one looks classical and lovely. :flowers:
I wonder if Maxima and Beatrix gets their hats from the same designers?
I wonder if Maxima and Beatrix gets their hats from the same designers?
Maybe sometimes.
Many of Maxima's hats are by Fabienne Delvigne. I think Mathilde sometimes wears her hats too. And maybe Beatrix wears them too.
But I think I saw a report about Beatrix' hat-maker once. I do not remember the name.:ermm:
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