The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 1

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Im not sure if many are choosing Kate as the best hat person, or best person who wears hat because the world is obsessed with her & all over her. Personally, her hats are nothing special, nothing that will make me look twice & nothing that will make me vote for when it comes to other royals for sure.
:previous: I quite agree! Anyone with less flair for millinery would be hard to find. The hat she wore to Zara's wedding made me think she was starting a trend . . . . it was the first and last original hat she has worn. Good heavens, even with some of her magnificent misses, Beatrice has her beaten hands down.

I think she is in the limelight because of who she is and not the merit of what she is wearing or how she is wearing it. Every hat she wears is safe, pedestrian and just plain uninspiring. It's only claim to fame is that it is on Catherine's head!
Yes,I like Kate's hats but,I don't think some of them are anyhing special.
I Think The Most One I Like It Is Princess Mary Hat Look Very Nice Simple & unique But I Did Like Duchess Of Cambridge Hat Too But The Best For Me CP Mary
Some of her hats looks nice, but few are quite awful, rather like costume pieces. She really has a potential in wearing hats but not always gets is well.
Well. Her Majesty was attending the annual New Years Eve Carnival among her closest friends, so not to worry. We are not going to see this in an official capacity.

Her Majesty is nothing if not imaginative

Ewwo, What a horrible hat, I don't understand how some people don't look at the mirror before they leave their houses. :D ugly hat indeed.
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