The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 2

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Jul 18, 2004
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The Royal Hat Gallery - Part 2
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I like the last pink hat on Queen Bea!

35th Head of House of Ramadanid dynasty, Saif al Din Oghuz in 2012.

As you can see, his hat is very ordinary to show humbleness which is particularly important.
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So I wonder what has happened to all of Diana's hats. I have seen a couple exhibitions of her dresses in London and in the states, but I just don't remember seeing any of her hats. If there were such a show, I would LOVE to go see them first hand.
Thanks for the compilation!:flowers:
My personal favourites are the e3rd row of photos reminding us of glamorous Infanta Elena and 4th row of photos. In my personal opinion, no one in the Spanish royal family wears the traditional lace mantilla and high peineta comb better than her.
A nice gallery of hats worn by the BRF. Thanks to Paris match. .

Les british bibis de Kate & co

Royal style – Famille royale britannique - Les british bibis de Kate & co

Thank you for the link. I would advise the ladies of the British royal family two things:
- when wearing a fascinator, please have the hair "up"
- consider something else than those silly fascinators which often does not look differently than a blob on the head with feathers stuck in it. Try proper hats, with brim. Marie-Christine (Princess Michael) and Camilla show the way.
Does anyone in the forum could advice me where to buy hats in London without killing my wallet?
thank you in advance!
That's okay, it's not a hat, but rather a piece of wearable art!
That's okay, it's not a hat, but rather a piece of wearable art!


That is indeed the case with these "wearble art" pieces, some capture the moment, some survive the test of time and some just do not.
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