The Royal Family of Spain, Current Events Part 18: December 2007 - April 2008

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Nov 21, 2005

Here is the new thread for current events about the Spanish Royal Family. The previous thread can be found here.

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Have fun! :flowers:
Reyes recorren en 2007 más de 53.000 kilómetros en sus viajes al extranjero

Kings cross in 2007 more than 53.000 kilometres in their trips abroad

The Kings crossed a whole of 53.461,49 kilometres in their trips of State and official abroad for 2007, one year in which the Royal Family has visited 17 autonomous communities and, for the first time in 32 years of reign, Ceuta and Melilla.

So much the Kings like the Princes of Asturias or the Infantas Elenas and Cristina have realized some activity in 35 of 52 Spanish provinces, according to information provided by the House of the King.

Don Juan Carlos has declared a whole of 91 speeches in the acts at that he has presided this year, whereas the Prince has intervened in 62 official occasions.

The King did more than 33.000 kilometres in the trips out of Spain in those that he was not accompanied of Dona Sofía. The Queen, with her international agenda, overcame the previous distance almost in the double, though he was the Prince who crossed more kilometres, 103.373.

Will the royal family stay in Madrid or they have other plans for their holiday?
merry christmas and happy new year.
Will the royal family stay in Madrid or they have other plans for their holiday?
merry christman and happy new year.

The vacations of the Royal Family are deprived, there is no information about that they do or do not do. The normal thing is that yesterday they all were passing the night in the Zarzuela.

The Princes are in the habit of doing some trip after the day of Christmas, but it will be necessary to wait to know their plans this year.

The Dukes of Palma are in the habit of visiting in Vitoria to Iñaki's family and later passing the first week of January in Baqueira skiing.

The Dukes of Lugo were in the habit of travelling in today to Soria with Jaime's family and then they were joining with the Dukes of Palm to ski. The logical thing in the current circumstances would be that the children travel with their father to Soria, and return with their mother for the new year.

This was the habitual thing, but January 5 is 70 birthday of the King, so it is possible that there are changes in the traditional vacations, and this day be all of return in Madrid.
Nonetheless the Kings and the Princes will have first official act On January 6 in the Pascua Militar.
Here´s a story of the Christmas of the SRF
La Navidad de los abuelos de Leonor/Vanitatis
Could somebody tell us, what´s in the story?

sure :flowers:

the article talks about the christmas at Zarzuela this year, it says that Leonor and Irene were the stars of the event, that Irene is the most sociable one, her personality is a lot like her grandpa JC's; the whole family was there, without Jaime of course and the Queen doted a lot on Victoria and Froilan, because of the absence of their father :neutral:

It also talks about the food they got, a buffet with salad, roastbeef, fish, cheese, desserts and other stuff, seems like the King is allergic to mushrooms and such

on the 25th, both Infanta pilar and Margarita's family came for lunch at Zarzuela, with the Urdangarin, Ortiz and Rocasolano in tow, the second cousins, their families and so on
thanks for those explanations!!! it seems that they had a lot of fun being all together for Christmas!!!
Thanks for the translation. What does this sentence mean: "Si días atrás Leonor ha demostrado ser una experta con la pandereta (Ver ‘Leonor la arma con una pandereta’)..."? Thanks.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: - Leonor la arma con una pandereta
that's the article they are talking about in that link

seems like our little sweet dear Leo had a blast on the christmas party at her nursery school, she went with an angel costume and became the center of the party, cheering and singing christmas carols with a tambourine :D

the parents (including PoA and his wife) were there

I think the phrase: "Leonor la arma con una pandereta" would be something more or less like: "Leonor got the party started with a tambourine" something like that :D
How cute Leoo playing with a tambourine! :wub:
thanks for those translations Crisiñaki. i know they like to keep the holidays a private celebration but i like reading anecdotes about it. loved that bit too about Leonor starting the party with her tambourine--only two years old yet knows how to get things going! :lol:
oh I would love to see that scene!!! it should have been so sweet to see her playing and singing carol songs!!!!!!
jaime peñafiel says today how they were Christmases in the palace of zarzuela and he says that there is bad relation of letizia with its sisters-in-law and who all the family was in favor bad of the behavior of the princess...
jaime peñafiel says today how they were Christmases in the palace of zarzuela and he says that there is bad relation of letizia with its sisters-in-law and who all the family was in favor bad of the behavior of the princess...

Something I had read, but it seems to me to be absurd enough, really Peñafiel has not been but another person who was with him in a tv program. Today it was the day of the jokes in Spain, so it would not be strange that it was a joke.

The Christmas in Zarzuela is a strictly family act, in enclosed which there are very few servants, nobody foreign to the family have access to these celebrations, and nobody would commit the indiscretion of commenting what happens in this private celebration, betwen other things, because would suppose it that was excluded from the celebrations of the Royal Family. So the history is unreal enough.
I'm not sure where to put this, but I hope this is the right thread. At the advent of the King's 70th birthday there have been quite a few articles about the Royal Family and this is one of them. The article is rather too long for me to translate, so I just picked an excerpt that somehow gives us a peek on how they work inside Zarzuela and since people have long been talking about "Letizia's royal agenda" so I guess this gives a little light into it.

El decorado ya no basta · ELPAÍ

Once a month, the King presides at the Palace of Zarzuela a meeting as a board of the family to determine the official agenda and activities to meet. The meeting is held in a room next to the office of the King. It is attended by Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia; the Princes of Asturias; Doña Elena; Doña Cristina, the husband of the latter, Iñaki Urdangarín, and until two months ago Jaime de Marichalar. In these working sessions, Alberto Aza (head of the House of the King) and Ricardo Diez Hochtleiner (secretary general) sets out invitations that have received or make suggestions for acts or hearings. Hence there is a division of tasks whose last word belongs to the King. At the end of 2007, the royal family have visited the 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), with a total of 35 provinces. The Kings traveled 53,461 miles in travel both in Spain and abroad. And granted 221 hearings.
More photos in Baqueira

how cute seeing the little ones trying to ski, they look so cute in their ski outfits as well. Its nice to see the two sisters having sometime together and their children must be having a lovely time with each other. Thanks for all the pictures:)
elena and cristina are really close, have been since their kids were born, they are growing up together and it's great the relationship they have

I like the fact that the kids bond a lot over sports and that could lead them to a healthy lifestyle when they are older :flowers:
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