The Prince of Orange, Current Events 2 (April 2007 - April 2013)

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It is interesting that he's featured alone, with no further reference to his argentinian wife...I believe Máxima is always mentioned in some way, whenever he appears in the local media...

Yes... its 'strange'
Well, that certainly was succesfull for a dull day at the office, I heard so many people laughing about it! Henk Schiffmacher, the tattoo´king´ was on RTL boulevard to explain the thing, apparently the prince has Maxima on the side, a rose for each daughter and a 4th one for a possible 4th child, etc.

And the RVD didn´t object as it wasn+t used with a commercial purpose.

Here an article in Dutch.
Apparently the visit was dedicated to several aspects of city planning and development. The visit was part of a programme of the departmand of VROM (housing, city planning and environment). As it was a ´working visit´ I don´t expect any pictures, these kind of visits are usually rather discrete and meant to inform the royal about something. When I watched a documentairy on Princess Maxima´s first 3 years in The Netherlands it became clear that she paid more visits than we knew and only during the documentairy we saw she visited some neighbourhood in Rotterdam, a prison for youngsters etc.
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The Prince of Orange did an interview with monthly magazine ´Elsevier´on...watermanagment, read the article in Dutch here (for those who can).

On December 19th the Prince will lock up the DJ´s of Radio 3FM in the glass house, at het Plein in The Hague. The DJ´s will be +locked up for the programme ´Serious Request´ for 6 days and they will do a marathon rafio programme to collect money for a good cause. Last year they were locked up by the Prime Minister and collected several million Euros. The good cause of this year: clean drinkwater!

Radio 3FM are joined by Belgium´s ´Studio Brussel´ and Swiss ´Couleur 3´, read more in Dutch here.
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Dutch Crownprince Willem-Alexander (R) launches the annual 'Serious Request' radio campaign in The Hague, Netherlands on 19 December 2007. 'Serious Request' is an annual radio station 3FM fundraising effort in collaboration with the Netherlands' Red Cross. In the week before Christmas, three 3FM DJs will confine themselves to a glass house in the centre of The Hague for six days without food. 3FM radio is broadcast live twenty-four hours a day from the glass house during the campaign. The public can request songs for a small donation and are kept informed about the charity and its objectives. The public is asked to donate money and any individual or group fundraising effort is much appreciated.

Willem Alexander donated some money himself. Furthermore you can bid money for a 1 minute phone call with Willem Alexander. The highest bid (until know) is €510,-

eBay verkoper: 3fmseriousrequest: Speciale acties, Overige kleding objecten op
One minute?? Couldn't he grant at least five? What can you say to him in one minute? Good thing it is for noble purpose...

Btw, WA could use a good trim! His hair is a little bit too grown!
I like his hair, it makes him look kinda sexy. :wub:
Last thursday Alexander opened the exhibition "Hidden Afghanistan" at the Nieuwe Kerk,Amsterdam,accompanied by his cousin Prince Jaime.
Het Koninklijk Huis
The Prince of Orange has been appointed for a second four year term as Chair of the Advisory Commission on Water by State Secretary Tineke Huizenga.

The commision advises the government on water issues/floodings et etc
The Prince of Orange was on a working visit on friday to several area development projects in the province of Limburg.
Het Koninklijk Huis
This afternoon HRH will attend the congress on Public Private Cooperation,Kootwijk.
PPE Agency

Courtesy PPE/Buys.
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HRH will open the new laboratory of ESA/ESTEC,the European Space Agency,Noordwijk,this morning.

In the afternoon HRH will attend the conference "Sport Together",initiated and organised by the Orange Fund
and aiming at improving neighbourhoods by means of sport.Amersfoort.
Prince of Oranje open the new laboratory of ESA/ESTEC,the European Space Agency,Noordwijk

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Prince of Orange attend the conference "Sport Together",initiated and organised by the Orange Fund.

ANP Beeldbank
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HRH will attend the opening of the Statue garden "Soestdijk Sculpture" at Soestdijk Palace on tuesday april 29th.
HRH will celebrate his 41 birthday tomorrow.Ahead of that he got a very special birthday gift.
During the State Visit to India HRH acted as a percusionist with the Dutch Blazersensemble.

A video of his,funny,performance was put on the website of the Netherlands Blazersensemble today as a birthday gift.

Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

According to the NOS Journal there will be a special concert in the Agneschurch in The Hague on the occassion of the birthday of the Prince of Orange. They will perform songs from the 80-years war, among them the Wilhelmus (the national anthem). The news did not say if the prince would attend the concert.
Secretary of the Prince of Orange: Willem-Alexander Wants Less Ceremony

NOVA is interviewing several people about the interview NRC Handelsblad had with Jaap Leeuwenburg, former private secraetary of the Prince of Orange. Mr. Leeuwenburg said that the prince wants less ceremony and more contents during the state visits.

Former minister of foreign affairs, Ben Bot, disagreed. He said that state visits need the 'Walt Disney effect'.
Journalist Dorine Hermans also thinks ceremony is important and needed for a monarchy.
Nobody knows, but it is expected that Beatrix will move to castle Drakensteyn in Laage Vuursche and that WA & Maxima will move to Huis ten Bosch palace.

I would prefer Beatrix to stay in Huis ten Bosch though, and WA and Maxima to move to a renovated Soestdijk, but that is unlikely.
HRH attended the conference of the Global Reporting Initiative at the Okura Hotel,Amsterdam,and met with Queen Rania of Jordan during a working lunch.

courtesy dear HJA.

Het Koninklijk Huis

Het Koninklijk Huis

In the afternoon HRH opened part of the nature development center Noorderwaard near Werkendam,thus ensuring the water of the rivers Rhine and Maas/Meuse to connect and also to have more "space" to controle high water levels in the Biesbosch delta.

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