The Prince of Orange, Current Events 1 (October 2005 - May 2007)

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part 2 of the speech :

I personally experience that satisfaction every time I have the opportunity to see for myself how countries, regions and villages are coping with water issues.
  • In October last year, for instance, I was in Zhengzhou, China, where I witnessed the start of the first GWP water partnership at river basin level between the nine Chinese Yellow River provinces. It was a wonderful example of multi-stakeholder involvement and integrated planning, which deserves to be copied all over the world.
  • In November last year, standing on a bridge over an irrigation canal in Morocco, I was again struck by the realisation that all our work in international conference halls is meaningless if it does nothing to improve the lives of people living in water stressed regions.
  • And the most recent experience to make an impression on me was in January, when I accompanied a delegation from Louisiana on a tour of major water works in the Netherlands. Governor, senators and their delegation were eager to learn how we dealt with our own Katrina – the storm that devastated our southwest coast in 1953, claiming more than 1800 lives. I can honestly say that we were eager to share our knowledge, because what happened in New Orleans brought back many sad memories to the people of my country. The Louisiana delegation’s visit proved to me once again that sharing knowledge and experience is essential in dealing with the water issues we face.
Ladies and gentlemen,

In the Global Water Partnership’s tenth anniversary year we have some reason to be satisfied, since much has been achieved. Last Thursday I attended the ceremony of the Hassan 2nd Great World Water Prize, which was awarded to, may I say, mr GWP himself, Torkil Jønch Clausen. I am really proud for this recognition of his IWRM work! But we cannot rest on our laurels, because there’s even more to be done. I believe that it was the right decision to dedicate this Forum to best practices. As you well know, some people consider large international events on sustainability and development, to be mere talking shops, producing few tangible results. This kind of comment could also be heard in the run-up to the fourth World Water Forum. I challenge you to prove the critics wrong. By learning from each other here, and by inspiring each other with actions and projects, you can put in an extra effort when you get home. This will require all your energy and resolve. But there is no other way, because, ladies and gentlemen: we have to fill that glass.

Thank you.
Thanks for posting Purple! Are WA and Naruhito the only royals attending the summit?
Marengo said:
Thanks for posting Purple! Are WA and Naruhito the only royals attending the summit?
your welcome, Marengo! :)
yes, i think only WA & Naruhito attend the World Water Forum.
Photos of the Prince from the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico city on March 16
Photos from


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I think he is so much like his father. the same interests at all. I heard an Interview with the prince where he said that he always learned about the world's problems by his parents. Alexander is a great man. :)
Yes, he is a great man with a great family!
Does anyone knows were W-A learned to speak in English?
popy said:
Does anyone knows were W-A learned to speak in English?

Prince Willem-Alexander received his primary education at the Nieuwe Baarnse School in Baarn and started his secondary education at the Baarns Lyceum.

He continued his secondary education at the Eerste Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum in The Hague, and completed it at Atlantic College in Llantwit Major, Wales, where he gained an International Baccalaureate in 1985.

After completing his military service, the Prince enrolled as a history student in the Arts Faculty of Leiden University in 1987. This gave the Prince a wide-ranging knowledge of a broad spectrum of subjects, including general and Dutch history, economic history, political science and constitutional law, EC law, international law, human rights and economics.

The Prince concluded his studies with a dissertation on the Dutch response to France’s decision under President de Gaulle to leave NATO’s integrated command structure. He was awarded a degree in history in 1993.
The prince and his brothers has also a nurse who speaks only English when
they were litle .
barber and The Watcher, thank you.
He can understand it, and he can speek it (nog fluently, but he is working on it)

I saw it on tv, some reporters asked him something in Spanish and he aswered in Spanish :) :)
Prince of Orange brings a work visit at project Valkenburg on 19 April 2006

His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange Wednesday 19 April a work visit at the project Valkenburg in Zuid-Holland (South Holland).

The Prince gets from the visit the information over the development of the location Valkenburg and the having fallen over during this. During the visit, attention is spent at the study to eight different scenarios for the herontwikkeling of fly camp Valkenburg. Also the role of the market parties comes at the order. In a meeting with a representation of the regional steering committee Valkenburg becomes entered into the possible consequences for mobility and infrastructure.

Point of departure by territory development is that all concerned parties (authorities, market parties, inhabitants and social organizations) seek to solutions for problems on the territory from live, infrastructure, water and nature.

The work visit of the Prince makes has been set up part from by the program space that by the ministry of VROM. In the program, three spatial themes stand centrally. This are territory development, space and climate and European space. By the theme space and climate comes at the order that by among many verstedelijking, water management and safety, transport and nature management bill loved must become with the consequences climate change. The theme European space treats a coherent approach of the space within the European Union. Background for this is the increasing influence of the administration of the European Union on spatial developments in the Netherlands and the other member countries.

11 April 2006
Great! As Valkenburg merged with my hometown Katwijk the prince will be visiting my village :) I hope they will show him the problems the closure of the airport and the plans have caused as everybody here is against it.
19 April 2006
Prince Willem-Alexander visit location nearby airport Valkenburg.
The crown prince brought Wednesday a work visit at the project Valkenburg in South Holland.
The prince got visit order information over the development of the location Valkenburg and the having fallen over during this.
During the visit, attention was spent at the study to eight different scenarios for the herontwikkeling of fly camp Valkenburg.


Crown Prince Willem Alexander follows the sailing event Holland Regatta in Medemblik, Netherlands Friday 26 May 2006

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nice pictures :D
just love his faceexpression. It must have been very cold and wet ;)
True, the weather has been horrible over here the last week. Today it rained all day & was quite windy.
Yes before summer we have a few weeks very beutiful weather and IN the summer the weather is terrible!! ( last years.. )
I have to say that it's the same here. :(
(well, it's actually not far from the Netherlands here ;) )
More from Royal Images for Prince Willem sailing.


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The crownprince attended an IOC meeting in Vancouver yesterday (june 6).
and he's in Whistler today! (june 7) to inspect the olympic sites there...but i haven't seen any pics...he wasn't mention in the news anywhere today..can't find a pic of him...hmmmm
9-06-2006 Veteransday (Veteranedag) Prince Willem Alexander, in uniform, on the 95th birthday of his grandfather prince Bernard at Veteransday defile in The Hague.

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