The Duke and Duchess of Bragança and Family: January 2015 - present

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Message of December 1, 2020 from D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança.

The Dukes of Bragança today gave an interview to the TVI program "Dois às 10" where they talked about their wedding day, and their life, among other issues.

The interview also included testimonies from his three children, Infante Dom Afonso de Bragança, Infanta Dona Maria Francisca de Bragança and Infante Dom Dinis de Bragança.

The three praised the parents and left messages of admiration and pride to the parents.
Interesting. The children seem friendly, although naturally nervous for the camera. The daughter is the most natural and lively. She praised the working ethic of her mother and said that her father was more 'passive' in the house.

The Duchess said that on her wedding day -contrary to custom- she put her veil up. It calmed her nerves for the day and she says that she thought people should be able to see her as so many spectators had turned up. The television presentors seem to remember the wedding as a natiopnal event, as would be the case in a reigning monarchy.

The Duchess refused the first marriage request of the duke, wanting more time to make a decision.
On May 15, 2021, the Royal Association of Madeira and Porto Santo marks the birthday of His Royal Highness, Mr. Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança, with a Mass to be celebrated by His Excellency the Bishop of Funchal, Mr. Dom Nuno Braz.
The Mass will be at eleven o'clock in the morning at the Cathedral of Funchal.
This Mass will also be said by the Royal Family of Portugal, when International Family Day is celebrated.
The Royal Association of Madeira and Porto Santo invites all Madeirans and Porto-santenses to participate in this Thanksgiving Celebration.
The date was chosen by the UN General Assembly, which proclaimed May 15th as International Family Day.
Dukes of Bragança visiting the Azores:
The Dukes of Bragança visited Pico, last Sunday, meeting with the Presidents of the Municipal Councils of the island Ilha, for a lunch, in Madalena, which also counted on the presence of the Regional Secretary for the Environment.

Duques de Bragança em visita aos Açores - Ilha do Pico

Dukes of Bragança visit the Azores:
On the visit to São Miguel, the Dukes of Bragança and Afonso, Prince of Beira attended a third with a Romeiros ranch at the Ermida de Santana. They saw the unveiling of the plaque that marks the bicentenary of the birth of José do Canto. And they attended a tribute to King D. Carlos I.

Duques de Bragança e D.Afonso em visita aos Açores - São Miguel
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The Royal Association of Porto – in conjunction with the Royal Associations of Braga, Viana do Castelo and Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro – organized the 1st Tertúlia “Monarquia do Norte”, on the 17th, in a restaurant in Parque da Cidade from Porto.

The guest speaker was Tomás Moreira, who made us all think about the theme “Monarchy in Portugal: the Next Day”.
The aim was to debate what needs to be done to bring about the restoration of the desired Monarchy, and what needs to be developed next so that there is a true Head of State, a King!
At the end of the get-together, the participants were joined at dinner by Dom Duarte, Duque of Bragança.

D.Duarte, Duque de Bragança, no jantar da Real Associação do Porto
The Duke of Bragança believes in a theory according to which the navigator was born in Alentejo, as a bastard son of the Duke of Beja. But the most documented and credible historiography belies the thesis - completely

D.Duarte de Bragança sympathizes with the theory of Christopher Columbus being Portuguese,” Carlos Evaristo, an archaeologist specializing in sacred relics and medieval sacred iconography, and president of the Oureana Foundation, tells VISÃO. The archaeologist adds that the pretender to the Portuguese throne, through the D. Manuel II Foundation, over which he presides, finances the costs of the national component of the Columbus Project.

Through DNA tests, that project tries to prove that the browser was Portuguese or “Iberian”. The epicenter is in the University of Granada and in Professor José Lorente Acosta, who heads the research team that brings together entities from various countries.
D.Duarte, Duke of Bragança, received a delegation representing the direction of the Royal Association of Lisbon.

The cordial conversation discussed the projects of this Royal Association for the next three years and the concerns of the Duke of Bragança with the threat of a serious social and economic crisis in the post-pandemic period.

D.Duarte, Duque de Bragança, recebeu uma delegação representante da direcção da Real Associação de Lisboa
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