The Duke and Duchess of Bragança and Family: January 2015 - present

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The Duke of Bragança was invited to an interview on television, where he spoke about the attacks in Sri Lanka. Mr. Duarte Pio was a few days ago in that country and communicated very closely with the Portuguese community in Sri Lanka.

The Duke of Braganza has confirmed that he will be with his family at the funeral of the Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. "My family and I will be present at the funeral," he said.
The Duke of Braganza remembered his cousin Jean to the Contact. "The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the great-grandson of King Michael, has always given great support to the Portuguese community in Luxembourg, whose emigration he sponsored after the Second World War," said Duarte. "My family and I are in a prayer union with the family of the Grand Duke and we will be present at his funeral," the Duke of Bragança assured the Contact.
D.Duarte, Duke of Bragança in honor of Christopher Columbus in Cuba, Portugal

D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança, on a visit to the 2019 edition of OVIBEJA

Duarte, Duque of Bragança, was at the Cristóvão Colon Center in Cuba for the signing of the protocol between the Cuban City Council, the D. Manuel II Foundation and the Ouriana Foundation.
It was also unveiled the plaque allusive to the moment and later was seen a film / documentary on the theory developed by Capt. Augusto Mascarenhas Barreto, who points out that Christopher Columbus was actually Portuguese, born in Cuba.

D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança, was present at the inauguration of the D. Pedro V Room in the House-Museum of Quinta da Esperança, honoring the visit of this king who spent the night in this important agricultural house, as well as the visits of Queen D. Maria II and King D. Luis.
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I think we should create a thread about the children of the Dukes of Bragança. :flowers:
:previous: It's up to the mods of course but the children of the Duke and Duchess of Braganza don't do enough activities for a whole new thread dedicated to them. Just as the children of Archduke Karl of Austria are posted about in their parent's thread, as are many other heirs of non-reigning houses. Otherwise there'd be too many inactive threads in the forums.
:previous: Yes it's true. But the sons of the Dukes of Braganza do more activities than the sons of Archduke Charles of Austria.
But I realize that.
The Portuguese Monarchical Youth (JMP) will hold next Saturday, July 6, the V National Congress, in the House of Brazil, in Santarém.

JMP, founded in the House of Brazil, will elect the social organs of the national structure for the triennium 2019-2022. The event will be attended by the Prince of Beira, D. Afonso de Bragança, who in the end will deposit a wreath next to the statue of Pedro Álvares Cabral, as a historical recognition of his bravery in the discovery of Brazil and the opening of new worlds to the world.

In the Parish Hall of S. Nicolau, at 8:00 p.m., there will be a free entrance Arraial where all the young people will have the opportunity to socialize and socialize with the Prince of Beira, making contact with the new monarchical ideas of today's youth.

D.Duarte met with representatives of the Oureana and D. Manuel II Foundations and of the Chinese Trade in Portugal
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Dukes of Bragança at the Mass in honor of Queen D. Isabel

The Exma Administrative Board of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Health of Évora is pleased to communicate to all who invited Aia honorifica (Aia de honor) of Our Lady of Health and Godmother of the Brotherhood, HRH Mrs. Dona Isabel de Heredia and Bragança , Duchess of Bragança and that, SAR accepted the invitation and will be present at the announced ceremonies of our Brotherhood, for this 7th of July in the Church of Santo Antão in the Place of Geraldo in Évora, to take possession of the place. The House of Braganza also announces that S.A.R. Mrs. D. Isabel will be accompanied by Her Royal Highnesses, the Archdiocese of Hapsburg (HRH the Archduke Michael of Habsburg and his Wife HRH the Archduchess Christiana of Habsburg).
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Afonso de Bragança, Prince of Beira spotted at a white tie event in Château de Belœil, Hainaut, Belgium with George Townsend son of Princess Yolande of Ligne and Johannes de Orléans-Bragança e Jong son of Princess Maria Teresa of Orléans-Braganza among others.

Dom Duarte of Bragança plans to create Royal School of Arts at Quinta da Senhora da Luz in Castle of Vide.

Quinta da Senhora da Luz, in Castelo de Vide may host a Royal School of Arts sponsored by its current owner Dom Duarte de Bragança.

This cultural and artistic project was made known to the Mayor of Castelo de Vide by the Duke of Bragança at a meeting that took place last week.

To Radio Portalegre, the mayor António Pita, said that the project “is very embryonic”, so it is premature to go into details, but considers it a positive sign Dom Duarte is interested in creating a solution to the historic property, as well as contribute for the cultural, social and economic development of the region.

The mayor also said that the City Council is available to actively collaborate in the important project for the region.

The project immediately involves the realization of an “Architecture Summer School” from 18 to 20 June next year.

Dom Duarte has been seeking at least since 2012 to find “a destination” for this Quinta, which he inherited from Virginia Lee Malone Flores, widow of Francisco Mimoso Flores. Among the possibilities listed was housing tourism or even a loan, and one of the hypotheses raised at the time was even "to host a religious order expelled from Portugal 150 years ago."
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DUKE OF BRAGANÇA INVITED TO JEWISH CELEBRATION IN NEW YORK - His Royal Highness, Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança and His Royal Highness D. Dinis, Duke of Porto, just returned from New York where they attended a series of special events at the invitation of the Sephardic Community to mark the anniversary of the historic Synagogue and the restoration of its Torah.

Also invited to the event were Ambassador Dani Dayan,Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and Howard Abarbanel of Abarbanel wines,a direct descendant of Issac Abarbarnel who served as Minister to King D. João II.

D.Dinis of Bragança in the Duke of Porto 2019 Cup Final:

Duarte of Bragança at the International Pilgrimage of Dynastic Orders in Vila Viçosa
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Traditional message from the 1st of December by Duarte Pio de Bragança, Duke of Bragança
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:previous: What? I am not aware that he is the archbishop... From which church? I thought he was Roman Catholic and he is married, so he cannot be a Roman Catholic archbishop because he is married.

Or do you mean something different than Archbishop?
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