The Duchess of Cambridge's Eveningwear Part 5: October 2013 - October 2015

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I loved Kate's loaned bracelets! Marvelous, much better that her tiara!
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Magic 8 Ball, perhaps? And "Ask again later" keeps coming up. :lol: She does like a good gag Christmas gift.
:previous::lol: Excellent suggestion AdmirerUS! The Power of the Magic 8 Ball should never be disputed.
Catherine looks stunning. Absolutely stunning. The gown suits her, and the red is a nice nod to the visitors' culture. No complaints. She got it 110 percent right.

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First- ditto.
Second- WOW! No words! Kate was stunning! That dress was to die for! She looked like a million dollars- and every inch the future Queen!
Love that they write an article on her dress and it's Chinese implications. (..)
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I think you hit the nail on the head. I think they have not earned it yet.
If you think of previous generations: Q Mary & K George, also, K George VI & his Elizabeth were taking on full loads practically from the honey moon. These two have made it known that they do not yet feel quite ready to go full time.
The Cambridges & P Henry are now adults in their thirties. It is time they got on with it more seriously than attending a few sports matches. Their ageing relatives need to be allowed to step back if they want to.

I know I am likely to get a lot of grief for this post, but it is how I feel.

I agree with you on all counts and unfortunately, this is only the first State Banquet she has attended and a red dress for the Chinese visit was a given, unlike HM who will, of course, wear some shade of white.

I loved the skirt of this gown, it was every Princess's dream unfortunately, sequins on the top of the gown are definitely OTT as they end up competing for the flash and bling honors. In short, it was tacky, and the childish puffed or capped sleeves didn't help. I expected an elegant royal woman with appropriate bling and instead got the usual, unremarkable Catherine wearing a mishmash of styles and awful tiara hair.
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