Signatures of Royals

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No surprise here.

I am curious to see Queen Mary's signature though. As you may see in (then) Princess Elizabeth's marriage certificate , King Frederik IX (Frederik X's grandfather) signed with R, but Queen Ingrid did not.

Will Queen Camilla and Queen Letizia remain the only European queens consort who add R to their signatures?

Queen Sofia of Spain seems to have dropped the R post JC's abdication
Queen Sofia of Spain seems to have dropped the R post JC's abdication

Yes, I had also noticed that Queen Sofía changed her signature from Sofía R to just Sofía following the abdication. That stands in contrast with dowager queens like Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in the UK, who kept the R in their signatures even after their husbands had passed. I wonder if Queen Sofía would have done the same if she were the widow of a deceased king rather than a queen emerita upon abdication.

Queen Letizia, as the present queen consort of Spain, signs with the R as seen multiple times in the Royal Family's Christmas cards.
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Margaret of Austria,Duchess of Parma and Imperial Regent of the Low Countries
There are documents still extant that show that King Henry VIII completed his signature with an R. Marlene Koenig once said that as far back as Henry I’s of England’s reign the R was used.
Henri II of France

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